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Posted Apr 10 2012 10:09pm

I believe that I’m an excellent mom. I strive for excellence, put my damn back into excellence. And when I fall short of excellence, I look hard at my weaknesses and attempt to improve. That being said, one mom’s brand of excellence is another mom’s sub par slacker-ass, downright non-excellence. So it’s all relative.

Just today Matilda made me a little play-doh figure and when she handed it to me apparently I held it wrong and squashed it a teeny tiny hard to see way. She cried…a lot. When I couldn’t understand why she was crying it escalated sobbing which escalated quickly into a tantrum. I told her to go to her room where she cried that I ruined her thing over and over.

I admit I felt extremely agitated. I really wanted to yell at her to stop it because, come on! What the hell had I done wrong? Why was she screaming so hard? Is she possessed? Would it ever stop? But I was able to say to myself, “She’s only four. She’s probably tired. And hungry.” It was 5:45 and I hadn’t made her dinner yet. Also, yelling at her to stop yelling probably wouldn’t have had a beneficial outcome to either party. So I went to her room, sat on the edge of the bed and just said, “I don’t understand why you are crying this hard over me accidentally squishing part of your play-doh.” And she said, “Because you didn’t apologize.”

So I did. And she said, “It’s okay.” And she hugged me and it was done.

It’s moments like that where I do think that I’m growing, that maybe I rule just a tiny bit. But then I get on the computer and tune them out while I check my email and I think, “hmm…maybe not so much on the ruling.”

So even though I think I do an overall good job, and that I believe we all do an overall good job -after all, if you’re reading my blog you must be somewhat interested in parenting -there are some things I do which would make many people roll their eyes. I will list a few for you now:

I’ve given Sadie ice cream for breakfast.
Sometimes I give in to whining.
A lot of emails asking for classroom volunteers go unanswered.
I once let Matilda eat a peanut m&m that rolled out of a candy machine and onto the floor at the mall.
Elby gets to watch Dance Moms.
Sometimes Elby gets to play games on my computer in lieu of a bedtime story.
My kids don’t bathe every day. In fact, Matilda recently went so long without a bath I’m ashamed to say she smelled homeless.
The whole lot of them eat Happy Meals once in awhile. And by once in awhile I mean probably once a week.
I oftentimes don’t make my kids clean up their toys because it’s easier to do it myself than to stay on them about it.
I buy too many toys.

Okay, there you go. Now. I want to do a blog post where I showcase some of your admissions. Can you please send me a picture of you with your kid(s) and a line or two of something you do that you know other moms wouldn’t approve of?

When I get 20 I’ll post them and give you the link. Thanks so much to all who are willing to participate!!

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