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Parenting Webinar: Radical Parenting Using Intuition

Posted Jun 05 2009 10:12pm

Tara Paterson and Vanessa Van Petten present Parenting Using Your Radical Intuition.

Click here to view the embedded video.

We will be offering a FREE call about the webinar next Friday, June 12th at 2pm PST. Just email to register:

Tara and I both will be on the call and we will open it up to questions at the end of the call!

bpic-side-vvp Vanessa Van Petten is one of the nation’s youngest experts on parenting and youth.  She wrote her parenting book from the teen’s perspective, called “You’re Grounded!,” when she was just 17.  After winning the Mom’s Choice Award in 2009  and launching her popular parenting blog, she is now on a national speaking tour, reaching out to both parents and teenagers talking about what young people really wish adults knew about them. Her blog:, which she writes with 15 other teenage writers from ages 12 to 20, is read by thousands of teens and adults daily and has been featured on hundreds of other parenting sites around the web as the only teen written parenting blog. She has been featured on CNN, CBS Miami and Fox New York and has been in the Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, Atlanta Insite Magazine and the World Journal.  She has been an expert on numerous radio programs including Playboy Radio, KBUR, WCOJ Philadelphia and more for giving a young perspective on awesome parenting.

img_4056 Tara Paterson  A certified coach for parents of intuitives and the co-author of Raising Intuitive Children (New Page Books), Tara Paterson is raising four highly intuitive children with her husband. She is also a syndicated columnist, parent advisor, and author of 100 plus parenting and spiritual articles. In 2004 she created the Mom’s Choice Awards®, which assists mothers in selecting products and services for their families. Paterson has appeared on CBS’ 48 Hours, the Today Show with Katie Couric, CNN with Anderson Cooper, the Early Show, Fox & Friends, has been featured in the Washington Post, Newsweek magazine and several radio broadcasts both nationally and internationally and she is the spokesperson for the Mom’s Choice Awards and an expert blogger for the Partnership for a Drug Free America.

Price: $299

What Is This Webinar?

This Webinar is perfect for parents of all ages and will give parents insight into how they can understand and approach their children with a totally new perspective: Radical Intuition.

We become dependent on too many resources outside of ourselves for guidance on parenting. We look to the latest books, advice from experts, family, friends, church, community, web sites, media, etc. What about finding your own inner knowing about how to parent your child?  It is our intention with this cutting edge webinar- Radical Parenting Using Intuition, to empower you as a parent to trust your feelings and intuition when it comes to raising your child.

  • Hear from a parent of 4 intuitive children what it means to use your intuition when interacting with your child.
  • Learn from a teen expert, what tweens and teens are saying about their parents and why certain things work, and other things don’t.

This webinar pairs a seasoned intuitive parent/ parent coach and an experienced intuitive mentor and teen coach together to share both sides of the coin.  A must have tool for all parenting tool boxes!

This Parenting Webinar Includes:

  • 6 Videos, 30 Minutes each
  • 1 eBook Parenting Using Radical Intuition
  • 1 Free Copy of Tara Paterson’s Book Raising Intuitive Children

    Price: $299

  • Free Gifts:
  1. List of Family Bonding Activities
  2. Teen and Tween Ice Breakers
  3. Family Conversation Starters
  4. Activity Ideas For Your Teen

Price: $299

Table of Contents

•    Preface

•    Trust your feelings about how to parent your intuitive child. There are no experts, only people who can offer you advice.  The expert is you and every child is unique in their experience.

•    Honor your intuitive child’s natural abilities.  Every child is unique and needs to be recognized for the values they have within themselves.

•    Set firm boundaries with your intuitive child if it is necessary, but remember not everything is a crisis.

•    Be willing to be flexible while correcting your intuitive child. Punishments handed out while feeling frustration or anger are usually overreactions to how we are feeling in the moment.

•    Be willing to acknowledge, accept, and apologize for overreacting in a situation with your intuitive child.  When you are willing to admit you are wrong, you show your child how to correct their own mistakes.  They will respect your authority when they are doing something inappropriate.

•    When you are feeling emotional upset within yourself, acknowledge the emotion and shift the feeling before you interact with your intuitive child.  We all feel anger and frustration at times, but just as we teach our children not to take out their frustrations on things, animals, or people; neither should we.

•    Feel free to set limits with your intuitive child.  Allow yourself the freedom to pass on participating in a task, simply because you feel you have to.  Doing something in the space of not wanting to, will lead to resentment later when you feel tired or burned out.

•    Do something for yourself.  When your needs are met, you will have more energy and patience to do the things your children want you to do.  In order to nurture the needs of others, you must first nurture your own needs.

•    Honor your intuitive child’s feelings about a person or experience.  Adjust according to how your child feels; you will show your child you respect what they have to say and they will respect you for trusting their emotions.

•    Encourage your intuitive child to make choices.  Choices allow your child to have independence and makes learning more meaningful.  Explain to your child that every experience comes with a choice and assist them with making healthy ones.

•    Enjoy each moment and the rest will come.

•    Exercises for discovering your parental strengths and weaknesses

•    What Love Language are you and your children

Tips Sheets:
•    Parenting Tips that Respect Children
•    Parenting Tips for Connecting with Your Children Spiritually
•    10 Ways for a Parent to Say I Love You without Words

•    Recommended Resources

Price: $299

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