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Parenting Tip #8,913,256: Bogus Text Scammers Suck - We should throw old cell phones at them!

Posted May 21 2012 6:04pm
Rainy Days and Mondays Get Me on Instagram
Loved the effect rain is leaving on windshield, so I posted it to (like a good blogger!)

I was waiting in the pick up lane for my youngest, when my cell phone doink-doink-ed (it's my tone, don't judge!) while I was in the middle of trying to upload a picture to

What?!?  It was raining and, well, I get REAL bored waiting sometimes.

 It was a text message from my 16yo and I figured she wanted to either take a ride with me to drop off my oldest girl at work (who hates it when she has to drive in the rain, me too!) or she was texting to make sure I was driving my oldest to work, so that she can go with me know...pick her up, as well.

Because I am THAT fun to be with, you betcha.

Heather:  Mommy i got this it legit??  Your entry last month has WON! Goto [link withheld for blog posting purposes, bastards!] and enter your Winning Code: [code withheld for blog posting purposes, bastards!] to claim your Free $1,000 Bestbuy Giftcard!

Me:  No!!!

Me:  Especially, since we did not buy anything at Best Buy...bastards! [yes, I really texted that]

Heather:  I didn't click it, but are you sure.....

Heather:  But, what if I entered something on their site and forgot?

Aaaaaand, therein lies the rub. 

Raising 3 teens and with our youngest kid in double-digits, we are avid consumers and frequently apply for savings cards:  CVS, Game Stop, Modells, Petsmart, Pet Valu, Shop Rite, Sports Authority, Stop and name it and I probably have a savings card for it.

Because we are equal-opportunity, like that.

We also register online with some of our favorite stores (I'm looking at you, Best Buy and Pier 1) for the chance to win free stuff.

Because parents of teens spend a butt-load of money, already.

Me:  Sounds like a scam.  Texting codes allows them to hack into your stuff.  You can always call Best Buy.

Heather:  Okay, because that's a loooooot of money.

Me:  I know, which is why you should call them to verify.

Aaaaaand, she did. 

Heather:  I will....ugh, if it's a scam that really sucks.

Me:  Agreed

The customer service representative over at Best Buy confirmed the scam:  they get tons of calls ALL THE TIME about it.

Aaaaaand, Heather's right, THAT TOTALLY SUCKS!

Heather:  Wahwahwaaaaaah.  If it's real, I'll cry tears of joy.

Me:  Me too, for you!

Because sending folks bogus texts or trick advertisements...promising our teens and tweens shiny new things, for just all sorts of wrong...DAMMIT!

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