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Parenting Secrets: 9 Tips To Become A Good Parent by M.Markella

Posted Nov 01 2008 10:44pm

If you are a parent then you know how much happiness children can give you. But you also aware of the tough times and situations you had to go through when raising them. Parenting a child can be difficult. Even the most patient and careful parents can make mistakes. Here are 9 tips to help you become a good parent.

1. Love your children.
Alright I know you love your children but how do you show that love? Do you tell them everyday that you love them? Do you kiss them often? Do you hug them? Always tell your children how special they are. Tell them how much they mean to you and give them lots of hugs and kisses.

2. Give safety to your children.
Most children are often scared e.g. when a lightning strikes or when they have a bad dream etc. Other children are insecure by nature. The fact is that all of them need to feel safe. Depending on your children's nature, take the appropriate steps to comfort them and protect them. I know you protect your children but do you show or explain to them how you protect them and why?

3. Spend time with your children.
Your Children need your attention and your time. Spend some time with them doing nice things like reading a book, taking a walk or playing a game. You can let your children help you clean the house or water the flowers. It is a fact that bad children behavior is a result of the lack of attention, so spend some time with them and make them feel responsible.

4. Reward your children.
All children need to feel they play a significant role inside the family. That's why they will always try to learn and advance. And they will need to know they're doing right. So, when they learn something new or when their behavior is appropriate, tell them how important that new thing was and how proud you are of them. But you also have to tell them that they should always keep trying to learn more.

5. Create a consistent set of rules.
All families have certain rules, especially when it comes to children. Your family rules don't need to be the same with the rules of other families but they need to be clear and straight. Rules should not change often and if that happens make sure your children understood everything that's new. Rules should apply to all cases and situations like when you hire a baby sitter or leave your children to your parents etc.

6. Keep a regular schedule for your children.
Children need to follow a strict schedule most of the times. A schedule will help them become disciplined individuals. For example you can make sure the entire family eats at certain times every day, if that's possible. You can send them to bed same time every day except, let's say, Saturdays or Fridays. Do your children brush their teeth when they wake up and before they go to bed? These are just some examples of a regular schedule.

7. Listen to your children.
Children always have something to say. They seem to have a strong opinion about everything and at the same time they keep asking all kinds of questions. Always listen to their words. Sometimes they will ask complex questions that will surprise you. Take some time to discuss with them and try to give simple and meaningful answers.

8. Don't criticize your children.
All children make mistakes. As I said nobody is perfect, even grown individuals make tons of mistakes. When your children make mistakes don't criticize them. They need to know what they did wrong and why is that thing wrong, so take some time to explain to them all they need to know. Criticize the behavior, not the child.

9. Don't spank your children.
Most parents feel so frustrated and confused at times that they lose their temper and spank their children. Spanking achieves nothing but fear. If you feel frustrated or angry take a break. Try to control yourself. If you can't control yourself how do you expect to teach your children discipline and self control?

About the Author
You see, raising a child can be really tough and there isn't a perfect way to raise children because no parent or child is perfect. If you feel you need help or extra information on the art of parenting, then you might want to grab this parenting toolbox that will help you improve the relationships between the members of your family and become a great parent.

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