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Parent-Teacher Conference

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:25am
Yep we had our first one today! They've only been in school a month so it seems so early to have one already.

Of course it's only preschool so there's not much to say, but Kayla's doing great in school and having a good time so that was nice to hear! They said she's been doing great with the routine, going to the cafeteria for breakfast (even carrying her own tray to the table). She gets along with the other kids, has no problem with transitioning, follows directions, is curious and inquisitive, not afraid to try anything new. She's the only one who will sing the songs (especially the goodbye song) with the teachers...guess she's not shy!

When we pick Kayla up from the bus in the afternoon she always waves to the bus and says, "bye bus! bye bye! bye bus!" over and over as we are walking down the sidewalk. She looks back and waves and says this as long as the bus is still in her sight. We mentioned this were told she does the same thing in the morning after she gets off the bus at the school. Within a few days the teacher said all the kids started waving and saying "bye bus" so now it's part of the routine...they all stop and do this before bringing the kids into the school...all because of Kayla! My little trendsetter!

On a side note: having a wonderful time with Nisa of course! She was so nice to go sit with me while I had a hair cut and then again she accompanied me to Kayla's optometry appointment (almost 2 hrs!!). Kayla's really taken to her even though she hasn't seen her in 2 yrs and didn't know who she was!

The first day she arrived I was going to put Kayla down for a nap and I handed her a book. At this point she would usually go lay down in bed; but not this time. She ran down the hallway with the book and Joe thought she was coming to get him. He said, "oh ok you want daddy to read to you?" She pushed him out of the way and ran to Nisa with the book...she had to go read to her before her nap!

Kayla's given her a new nickname too. Her first name is Eunice (pronounced U-Niece) and then Nisa (Nee-saa) for a nickname. Kayla calls her "saasaa" most of the time...sometimes it'll sound like 'eeesa though. Saasaa has to have whatever Kayla is eating too...if I give her a piece of deli ham or string cheese she makes sure I give Nisa one too. She brings her books and climbs up into her lap for her to read them. When we were in the exam room at the optometrist and Kayla had enough she was pointing to the door saying "Saasaa!!" cause she knew Nisa was out in the waiting room.

It's been a good visit and Monday will be here all too soon!
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