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Pain Threshold

Posted Sep 11 2008 3:51pm

I think Isabel has a very high pain threshold.

She has very bad temper. Since she was an infant, within just a few days old, she’s already demonstrated her temper by pulling her hair and scratching her face when she’s in anger.

When I said she pulled her hair, she really pulled them off her head — bunches of hair being pulled off. And when she scratched her face, she scratched until she bleeds.

She likes doing those stunts when she protests. Now, as she grows older, she’d sit on the floor, hit her head on the floor until her forehead bruised.

Isn’t she fierce? Now, something even more scary… but not in anger, she did it for fun… read on…

Last Friday evening, in the car, I was driving, both children in their respective car seats behind with maid.

I heard Isabel giggled. This very rarely happen in car (she hates car rides). So I asked maid what has happened.

Maid said, “She is playing with her… what you call that? Eye’s hair?”
I thought, ‘Oh, she finally has discovered her eye lashes already, must be playing with it…’

When I parked the car and picked her up, I found myself in shock!

She was pulling her right eye lashes, and had a great fun doing that!

OMG! Wouldn’t she feel painful with that? I tried not to react with that, coz children tend to find it fun when they do something dangerous and adults give strong reactions.

I just pulled her hands away and put something into her hands so they are occupied.

DH saw that at home, screamed, “HEY! BELLE! DON’T DO THAT!”
As I expected, Isabel giggled even louder, happily wanted to repeat that. ;)
Wonder how fun can she be. Weirdo.

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