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Posted Dec 06 2010 6:15pm
I took the day off of work on October 25 because that weekend was the twins birthday weekend, lots of people were in town, and I wanted to spend a day with just us after everybody left. The day started off slow and I don’t think we even got out of the house until after noon. We went downtown to run a few errands and hang out and then we took the kids to Shoreline Park to ride their Strider balance bikes . There was a film crew at the park when we got there, which is not unusual, so we though nothing of it. So the bikes came out and I started down the path with Loen while Hava worked with Derby. Well, Derby didn’t last long and Hava was soon taking his bike back to the car. This is when someone from the film crew started yelling “Excuse me, excuse me!” So I stopped and waited for him to ask us to not get in the background of their shot. Instead he proceeded to tell me that they were filming a promotional spot for the new Oprah Winfrey Network and asked if we would be interested in being in it. I said “Sounds great, but let’s check with my wife.” So he gave the same spiel to Hava, who was also on board. We were filmed for about the next 15 minutes. Here is the final product – look for us from 13 – 16 seconds:

According to a New York Times December 2, 2010 article , the promotional spot is to be in movie theaters around the country. Have you seen it at a theater? If so, tell us where in the comments!

Loen is very cute when she see’s the commercial. The first time she saw it she said “That’s Loen, that’s me!” We are disappointed that Hava and Derby didn’t make it (they filmed both of them as well), but we are very happy and excited that Loen got to shine. Derby’s turn is next!

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