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Ovarian cysts.

Posted May 06 2009 12:26pm 1 Comment

Yesterday afternoon I should have known but I just didn't want to deal with it. It started at "O's" "naptime", I was laying down and I had this pain in my chest, abdomen and back. Once I felt the back pain I sort of knew but wanted to wait to make sure. I knew by midnight what it was. I was swollen, I had the constant intense pain and to top it off I think it either has or will rupture because it hurt whenever I would lift my right leg. It was funny because I'm sitting on my bed trying to get my pajamas on and I got my left side done but the right side wanted no part of it.

I feel bad for "The Hubby" because he was getting a little frustrated with me since I was in pain, a pretty good amount too, and said if it hurts that bad I'll take you to the ER. Since I've been dealing with this now since August I know exactly what they are going to do and I told him, "Yes I'm in a lot of pain but all they are going to do is give me a prescription (which I already have), a CT (expensive) and probably an ultrasound. So to diagnose me with what I already know I have it would cost me another $600-$1,000 after insurance pays. Not really worth it when I can just take three Advil every 6 hours and use the heating pad." I said it with less attitude.

So now I agreed to go back on birth control and actually stay on it. I should have started it last week but I really didn't think this was going to happen again. Now I know that I have no choice but to use it and once I'm on it for three months, or can predict when my period will be, I can go to my OB/GYN and have a IUD put in. I'm a little nervous because when I used Nuva Ring I really hated it! It just very uncomfortable and the hormones jsut really messed up everything. I don't want to pay the $300 for this device and have to take it out in a few months. I know many people who are on this and one with FAP and haven't had a whole lot of problems, but I'm the one that does to certain things.

I was a "rock" when it came to my surgeries but man when these cysts come, for me, man they kick the crap out of me! The pain is like you're having a gall bladder attack, it's that intense. It sucks because it liquifies my stool, if I can even go. My stomach swells and it hurts to move. I almost took a Percocet but opted for the Advil (need to get more) and heat pad. I just wish they made a heating pad that would cover not only my back but also abdomen. I mean they make them with a 2 hour shut off safety thing, why not help a girl out? Just double the size length wise since the width is the right size.

It's a sign I swear! The sign to me is telling me quite a few things: 1. When this is done, you need to start running!!! NO EXCUSES! 2. I need to calm down and let things go. And I forgot what the third thing was supposed to mean, when I remember I'll let you know.

So when I'm finished with this post I am going to take it easy. By doing what you ask? I'm going to read a few books to "O", try to get as much laundry done before noon as I can and just rest. I'm not really the kind that can walk through the pain so I'll just sit here with my heating pad on throughout the day. It's way cheaper to do this than to make the pain worse. Maybe later I'll sit on the patio while "O" plays with chalk or something. I'm trying to get this pain gone enough by tonight so we cna go for our nightly walk even though this walk was way shorter than our normal walk we usually take. It's been good for the kids and I think they are getting used to it. I really need to start working their bike riding skills after this is all done too.

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Hi! I just came across your blog while researching ovarian cysts.  Last friday night I had a sudden, horrible pain in my right lower abdomen.  Really scared me. Went to my doctor on monday and they told me it was most likely a cyst rupturing and that was the pain i felt on friday.  They did an ultrasound and initially told me that my right ovary was enlarged and that ment i most likely had a ruptured cyst.  Then they called me the next day telling me that they did see a cyst on the ultrasound and they still want to recheck me in about 3 months.  I was still having pain and because of this, they have referred me to a GYN.  I go on monday, but I am making myself sick with worry until then.  I am still having abdomonal aches, but not as bad as Friday night. Also having gas(both ways) and constipation issues and when I can go it is liquified like you said.  My upper back has also been hurting pretty bad, in between my shoulder blades.  All of this has been scaring me because when you research it on the internet, they say these are symptoms of ovarian cancer.  It calms me down a little to read your story and hear that these can be symtoms of cysts as well.  Any advice or info you could give me would be much appreciated.  Oh and by the way I am 24 years old.
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