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Our Hair has a Lice Invasion…Yeak

Posted Jan 27 2010 4:13am

Creative Commons License photo credit: Blip

Lately I have been dealing with some ugly, disgusting and inconvenient bugs. I remember that when I was a small child my mother talked about them and even checked if I had them on me. What I am talking about are Lice.

My son never had them although I knew that from time to time some classroom mates had them, no for the second time in one month we are have an invasion of Lice brought by my daughter from school.

It has been awful. Itching is the worse part of it for the kids. For me just the idea of having Lice crawling, sucking my blood from my scalp gives me the creeps.

Lice are described as:

  • human disease agents
  • Most lice are scavengers, feeding on skin and other debris found on the host’s body, but some species feed on sebaceous secretions and blood.
  • if feeding on blood, they may become considerably darker
  • Many lice attach their eggs to their host’s hair with specialized saliva

Yeck!!! this is disgusting.

Well, as soon as one child appeared with lice in the classroom the school sent us a message to check on our kids heads. The problem is that we are often together (daughter, son, myself) hugging, playing so we also got those awful creatures.

Every time they show up we have to kill them with a special shampoo, change bedding everyday, change pyjamas every day (underwear we already change everyday ok!!), wash the combs with boiling water, etc. The washing machine works no-stop so you can imagine the electricity bill.

This week we started using a special Lice Spray that should keep the Lice away from our hair, let’s see if it works.

I know some people don’t talk about this problem because they think they will be discriminated because although it’s not true most people think that Lice appear due to lake of personal hygiene. Lice prefer cleaner and softer hair to put their eggs and grow up. Yeck!!.

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