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Our “Habagat” Flood Experience

Posted Aug 14 2012 12:34pm
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A few weeks ago, I have been wondering how I can clean my kitchen.. it’s a mess… mess as in splatters all over :(  I want to plan for a general cleaning.. but I just can’t find a time for it. Then, boom! comes the Habagat flood.. so yeah, I think of the flood as nature’s way of giving me the time I need to clean the house..3 years of accumulated trash..

It has been a week since the flood… now, our house is almost as clean as how I want it to be, expect for the other room, which was intended to be the stock room/play room/ evacuation room in case another flood happens. Few days before the flood happens, I already started putting away some of our things, placing it on the second floor, call it paranoia but I do not Ondoy to happened again where it washed out almost all our things (my wigs included.. so yeah the first one that went upstairs is my make up case case! haha).

almost two feet…

living in the 2nd floor for 3 days

When the water started to raise last Tuesday and started to enter the house, we’re almost good.. almost everything on the second the floor. The playhouse which was really big was left downstairs but on top of the table.. good thing the water was only knee deep inside, the playhouse was dry and safe.

The flood stayed for 3 days, the deepest was less than 2 feet inside the house but almost chest deep outside. It started to subside by Wednesday afternoon and Thursday noon the house was flood free while the main rood is still ankle deep. We started cleaning the house as soon as the flood subsides and with the help of cleaning materials I got from past projects (shout out to Capri pips!), cleaning was easy.

I cannot help but compare the recent flood to Ondoy.. damage wise, the recent flood was kinder..the flood was slow unlike 3 years ago where we just blinked an eye and the water is already waist deep (that’s inside the house, worse outside) did not took us by surprise.. so we were prepared and of course the fact that we already learned our lesson. In fact, we had so much food during the flood that we eat almost every hour.. from Tiger biscuits to Tipco juice to bread with Mayonnaise.. to pork ginilang and even pancake!

See? our pantry is full! Drinking water was never a problem because of our very own Waters Mineral Pot (produces alkaline water from tap water). I am glad my mom forced us to buy a unit (if you want to know more about it and how much, shoot me an email.. or maybe in the coming days I will feature this product..)

Of course even though we were prepared.. I still learned a lot from this flood:

  • I need to buy a super kalan so that we can cook food upstairs.. the Gasul and the stove is a bit hard to assemble and takes a lot of space.
  • That I need to clean up the terrace, which is not bigger than 4 meters square.. half of the terrace was occupied with 4 balikbayan boxes of Mega Blocs.. need to dispose some of the toys inside so I can put the Mega Blocs inside the room.
  • That I need to dispose a lot of things.. as in boxes of boxes of used clothes, old toys, stuff animals, shoes and a lot more! argh!
  • That I need boxes as storage for the toys,  big boxes.. so that it wold not take too much space..
  • That I need to invest on board/bored games for the kids, instead another flood happened.
  • And that I need an internet plan for my phone! it is so haaard to be offline! I can’t miss a client’s email.. specially direct advertisers email!

Having said that.. I have to buy big boxes and subscribe to a data plan and maybe even buy a new smart phone for that (teehee hello there my benefactor, HTC One S? yes?!? haha)

There’s another typhoon coming and I need to stock on food and finish cleaning the other room.. as now na! But you know what, this cleaning and clearing up is taking too much of my time and emotion.. it was different back in Ondoy, I have two helpers and after the flood subsided, we went to my mom’s house and when we came back, everything was clear.. this time, I had to do everything.. at sa totoo lang, malapit na ako maloka! It’s the sorting out that’s making me insane.. imagine boxes of toys.. and the memories.. if I can only keep them all.

I decide to get a helper now… let’s see how it wil go.. and I hope this blog will never have a Maid from Hell section.. hahaha

Stay safe everyone! Ingat tayo kay Helen :)

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