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Other Things You Need To Know About Primary Complex (and other treatment tips)

Posted Feb 25 2011 7:50pm
When I posted my article about 3 Important Things You Need To Know About Primary Complex (and other treatment tips), I have been receiving inquires. I am not an expert in the said field, but I will answer it based on my experience. Remember 3 of kids suffered from it.

Primary Complex Medicine Overdose? What if for some reason, the mom gave the medicine twice in a day? I did it once.. or twice.. and it seems nothing happened to my kids. Blame to the anesthesia during my labor.. there are just days when I can't seem to remember if I already gave them their dose or not.. better safe than sorry, I just had to give another one. BUT! If it happened more than twice, please do ask your Pediatrician about it.

Primary Complex is not contagious but is there a chance that a child can be infected again? Yes. It can re occur, so the main treatment for primary complex involves knowing where your child got it. As much as possible, have the people around you be submitted to skin test and xray.

Can it (the medicines used to treat Primary Complex) affect the liver? Rifampicin has been said to be safe to the liver.. though I have heard some news that Isoniozid can damage the liver. I still have to ask our Pediatrician and will keep you posted about it.

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