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Organically Grown Baby Clothing Giveaway

Posted Jul 03 2009 1:36pm
Now that Mr. Smiley has turned one, everyone has been asking us when we are going to have a baby girl.

Hold the phone! I'm still nursing.

I'm just not ready . . .yet.

I got a taste of a little girl when my old high school friend stopped by with her precious new baby. Meet my Organically Grown Baby Apparel Giveaway models, Beth and Baby G. Hearing Baby G's sweet baby noises was like listening to a good song. Memories of being a first-time parent flooded the movie screen of my mind. Honestly, I don't know if I will be ready again (to have another baby, that is). I am being stretched currently with three. However, a little girl would be a precious addition to the family. We do have one more seat left in the van. She would have three big brothers to protect her. Mr. Smackdown and Mr. Me-Too regularly ask when we are going to have a baby girl. It would be an answer to prayer for them.

Let me get my baby weight off and then the Hottie Hubby and I can talk.

But if I had a little girl or even a little boy . . . I found an outfit for them to wear ( and you can win one ).
I am quite obsessed with either the " take home" outfit if our child was born in a hospital or the " first time out of the house" outfit if they were born at home. It is a magical, photo opportunity moment when you get to dress your newborn for the first time. In the past, I have scoured the stores for the perfect outfit, even though newly gifted clothing awaited this child at home. This prized outfit has to be my choice, my purchase, almost as if to say, " I am your mom. I am protecting you on the outside now."

With each child, I have grown even more diligent about protecting my newborn. Eliminating as many toxins, harmful procedures, and intrusions as possible has been my goal. It has always bothered me that many of the " take home" outfits that I almost purchased have a big label on them stating that they are flame retardant. (Like I was going to stick my newly born child near a fire.) If I wouldn't lather the flame retardant on my skin for fire protection, then why would I want it to brush up against my child's skin all day long? My babies are always close to me, where they should be. Not near a fire.

OK . . . so if I had a baby, I would purchase my newborn's first outfit from Organically Grown. Organically Grown is a company that just launched their line of baby apparel, from newborn to 9 months of age that is currently found at Sear's. Eliana Stern, a mom, from Organically Grown Baby states:
Our clothing line is made from 100% certified organic pesticide-free brushed terry and velour cotton. We proudly select the softest cottons, so our clothes feel luxurious and cuddly against your baby's gentle skin.

Organically Grown Baby believes in your right to affordable organic clothes, so our items retail from $12 to $38. In today's tough economy, you shouldn't have to compromise on high-quality, cozy, safe, organic babywear because of price.

Finally, I have found an outfit that I could put on my baby, and allow her to wear, without wondering what chemicals are being rubbed into her skin. I also don't have to spend a lot of money or search high and low to find such a great organic garment. I can either drive to Sear's or let my mouse click on Organically Grown Baby. Either way, this clothing line is worth my time and money. After washing the outfit Baby G modeled, I decided that I want an outfit like my imaginary babies! Talk about soft and luxurious!

Eliana shares the same passion that I do regarding the importance of incorporating organic products into our family life. But an organic lifestyle can be expensive, which is probably why our family doesn't have much in the way of organic clothing. Eliana shared with me,
I always associated "organic" with "expensive" and "extreme" until all of those studies came out about BPA and parabens, right around the time my daughter was born. The more I read about all of the harmful chemicals in our food, shampoos, lotions, and clothes, the more I realized how lucky we are to have the choice of organic. The single most important thing to wrap your baby in is love. Organic clothing is a wonderful way to express your love.

Are you ready to win an luxurious Organically Grown Baby product now sold at Sear's?

Come on over and visit my blog, Granola Mom 4 God

and enter to win!

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