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Oops, I Did it Again...

Posted Dec 28 2009 12:14pm
Once again, I’m behind on posting. The last week has been a blur of cooking, shopping and breaking up fights. I don’t have a new career as a bouncer but the kids are on break so it’s very similar.

Back to the cooking, I had a nice meal planned last week with prime rib as the main course. Then I took Claire to the store with me and before I knew it, I had agreed to also cook Claire’s favorite, crab legs, as well. I made crab cakes with chipotle sauce, prime rib, king crab, cheddar mashed potatoes, and sautéed zucchini with onion and shredded carrots. I had way too many things going at the same time and as a result, the zucchini was so overcooked that it had no more nutritional value than a Hostess Ding Dong.

After dinner I searched for containers with matching lids in order to save the leftovers. In my house it isn’t always easy to find a container with a lid. It isn’t that there is a shortage of lids. There is yet another container that is filled with just lids, many for which their mate has long disappeared, never to hold leftover macaroni again. But I keep the lids anyway because I have hope. It’s a sort of shrine for missing Tupperware everywhere….

I found myself using one of my plastic containers to save the zucchini. No matter that it was too far gone to waste my precious resources, I felt that it deserved to be saved and quietly reassured myself that maybe somebody would eat it. Nobody ate it.

That was a couple of days before Christmas. Christmas day I was forced back into the kitchen to start the ham. I pre-heated the oven and went searching the house for the gigantic pan. I managed to find it and get the ham in just as the oven beeped to telling me it was ready. I opened the oven door at the same time I realized that something didn’t smell right. That's the foreshadowing part of the stary. Then as I opened the door, I was horrified to discover that I had baked the Rice Krispie treats on their wax paper lined pan. That makes the third time this year that I have accidentally baked something that shouldn’t have been baked .

FYI- my New Year’s resolution has to do with not storing anything in the oven that has no business reaching three hundred and fifty degrees.
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