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One fish, two fish, red fish, screwed fish

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:29pm

Claire is still sick. She threw up all night last night. She is such a little trooper. She called for us just before she threw up so that we could take her to the potty. She really tried to help out. I went to work today. We thought that Claire would just sleep and lay around since she had been sick all night. I forgot who we were dealing with! I left for work, Jeff dropped Claire off at my parents while he dropped Ella off at school. He picked her back up and came home. He settled her down in front of a movie with blankets, towels and pedialyte and got to work. Claire just didn't feel like moping around, she wanted to play. Jeff did his best to get her occupied with something. He had to run upstairs quick to get the power cord for his computer when he heard a gush of water and a scream. He flew down the stairs and there was our little beta's fish bowl laying on the carpeted floor. Poor Fishy was flopping all around. Jeff did his best to save Fishy and clean up the mess. I came home and got to work on salvaging the carpet. There is nothing like the faint odor of fish in the air, reminds me of Sea World. Poor fishy is not quite sure if he wants to live. One of his little fins looks tattered and he is refusing to eat, but at least he finally has a clean bowl! I have a feeling he won't be with us in the morning. On the bright side, we are one step closer to wood floors because I really am not sure how long we can stand the lovely fishy aroma.

Fishy Update: Hanging out at the bottom of the bowl, hope he is just playing dead...he fluttered his little fins. So far so good,I hope there is not a trip to pet smart in our future. Claire keeps saying, "Fishy sick..oh no", Ella keeps saying, "My poor fishy, naughty Claire, Santa save my fishy!"
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