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One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Blue Fish

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:32pm
My computer has been acting up lately. It started when I had some new RAM installed and it turns out that it wasn ’t the right kind. Since then there have been some other issues. My anti-virus program found a couple of viruses that were removed. Two of them were in system restore files so naturally when I used system restore to fix things, instead I had viruses again.

I have since gone through and manually removed things from the system registry, which is scary business to say the least. I have downloaded different system utilities trying to get everything fixed. I have been making progress but it takes me forever to do stuff like that. One of the system utilities does all kinds of things to speed up your computer. It freed up 16 gigs from my hard drive that was just old restore points and stuff like that. One of the things that you have to do is run disc defragmenter if you want your system to be as efficient as possible. Let me just say that it turns out that when you haven’t done it in over two years, it takes a really long time.

This morning I was checking the defrag progress after having it run overnight. I was at nine percent. I gave up on that for a while since it makes things run too slow to do anything else and I didn ’t want to give up my computer for the whole day. Marin crawled up on my lap to “help” me with the computer. By help, I actually mean slam her little baby hands on the keyboard and run off with my wireless mouse. After that she said “eye” and stuck her finger in my ear. This makes her crack up laughing, but it’s only a matter of time until she loses interest. Then she lifts up my shirt, says,” Butt” and pokes me in the belly button.

Marin hasn ’t been laughing much today, however. She has been really grumpy. In an attempt to distract her from fussing and poking, I turned on my laptop on a shelf on my desk with the hope of entertaining the baby so I could at least check my email on the other computer. I pulled up the PBS kids website and found some Elmo videos. Marin was enthusiastic despite not having a clue about Elmo previously. She began pointing, saying, “Mo-Mo!”

It’s nice that Elmo made her happy but sometimes I just have to question the judgment of those people at PBS. One of the videos had Elmo talking about how he likes to play with Dorothy, his pet fish. If you happen to have kids and a fish, you could probably see the potential for trouble. What’s next? Elmo plays with electricity? Elmo uses the stove?
These educational TV types are just trouble.

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