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One BIG Happy Family!

Posted Oct 20 2010 9:28am
What's half way between us and our best friends?

Tucson, AZ!
Having lost our minds, from too much time apart, the Steece's , Goerlich's , and McNulty's decided to pile our respective broods in the cars and drive, drive, drive, drive. After a few dozen potty stops, some creative parenting, and lots of tunes, we arrived, and the fun began.

We stopped in Phoenix the first leg of the drive and and spent the night with Poppy Mario (my Dad) and Grandma Connie. I'll post those fun pictures in my next post, AZ part 2!

Our first few minutes all together & 1st attempt at a group photo!

Doing a little site seeing at
Trail Dust Town & 2nd attempt at a group shot!
After our little pit stop, we made our way to our rental home, and NEVER left the neighborhood. It was the perfect set up. We had a great big open living space, plenty of bed rooms/bathrooms, a clean backyard with a pool (w/built in safety cover), and tons of fun places to take the kids for nature hikes, walks, and even a park. We were in HEAVEN! Thanks Mari for finding the perfect place, as always!
Love these little shadows! (L to R)Russ, Andrew, Sophia, Molly, Cohen, Finn, Noah, Ethan, Sav, Ally, Libby
Me- giving lessons on why we don't touch cacti. I learned the hard way when I went for a run a a wee bit off the trail. Those are mean little suckers!

What's amazing is the ease of it all. I mean, you think of 12 kiddos (ours are 4 years old & the Steece's & G's are 3 years old) all together and immediately you think, "chaos." It was anything but. We were like a well oiled machine. Our kiddos got along like they've always been together. Best friends for life, plain and simple- it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Yes, I know, I'm a HUGE DORK! But, it's true. The way they all are together, the way we ALL are together, is just beautiful.
Feeding the masses, easy as mac and cheese! :)
After dinner walk
Silly Mama'sMari, Suz, Me
Rock Star Dads!!!!
Conor (with Drew), Joe (with Ethan), Chris (with Molly)

All 12 kiddos are so HAPPY, such good/goofy kids!
Following the leader!
Getting better at the group shots!
Always sharing the love
-Molly and Sav

We miss these guys so much when we aren't together. Maybe some day we won't live so far apart. I can see it now, Friday night cookouts, pool parties, tail gates, all just a short drive away... ahhhh, a girl can dream. In the meantime we will just keep finding creative ways to be together as often as possible, and being thankful for all the great people in our lives.

We love you guys with all our hearts. In the words of Miss Molly, "We are one BIG happy family." She is soooo right!

For TONS MORE pictures check out this DARLING video Mari put together. I think I've watched it a least 10x's. We made such awesome memories. Click here .

Happy Thursday EVERYONE!

XOXOGen, Conor, Russ, Ally, Molly, & Libby
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