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"On the Way to School" Conversations

Posted Nov 16 2013 12:00am

My kids talk. A lot. I mean, a REAL LOT.

Like, all the time. They come by it honestly - my husband says that I talk just to hear myself think.

We drive to school. We leave at 7, and they can get out of the car at 7:35 - so we are captive for a fair amount of time. I've taken to memoralizing some of the conversations we have, just because the topic changes are wide and varied - and my kids really come up with some stuff.

Here are some examples - I've been posting these on my personal Facebook page, so if we are friends on Facebook, it's all old news to you.

- Today's "On the way to school Convo" consisted of only one thing: drink your protein shake, drink your protein shake, if you don't drink your protein shake I will take your iPod for two weeks. Yes, you have to drink your protein shake. I don't care if you don't like it – just drink the damn thing already.

- Today's on the way to school convo: how stress makes a body sick, in case of an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) would plumbing still work, the aorta and it's function, recitation of lines from The Princess Bride, and why coffee smells so good.

- Today's on the way to school conversations: who would win in a fight (Visiting Grandpa vs. Uncle), why Mommy wore slippers to drive, the proper length of eyebrows, why "suite" is pronounced the way it is, Gabe's 8 min mile, and how a person could follow the sunrise across the world. Happy Tuesday, y'all!

- Today's on the way to school conversation - why is Mars called the red planet, the atmosphere of Venus vs. Earth vs. Mars, eighth notes and quarter notes and how to play them, and why it seems like it's rained every day for forever.

It's definitely an interesting ride, that's for sure.

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