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On the Move (again)

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:06pm
This Saturday, Jack and I are moving to a new house. This isn’t because we don’t like our Big Mother House. Over the summer I have been promoting my first book, Single Mother on the Verge and have spoken and written about single parent communal living. A number of single parents responded to the stories saying they wished they could do the same but didn’t know how, or where to find people. So now there is a space for a single parent to move into our first single parent household, and I’m moving with another single mother and her three-year old into a house nearby. I’d like to think we’re spreading the love. That through my own experiences, and theirs, we’ll garner a real feel for how to make this work, and find solutions to the problems we encounter along the way. I’d like to set up my own introduction agency for single parents wishing to live together and thus share the cost of housing and the benefits of pooled resources. Recently a television production company approached me about making a documentary about this way of life – which I would love to do.

All this talk about broken Britain, youth crime, and single parent families being blamed for pretty much every negative aspect of society requires a positive attitude and to think outside of the box.

We’re in a new age: a modern society will only feel misguided if we keep looking towards historical ideals for guidance. One cannot prevent progress, and we cannot un-invent the likes of Xbox, Facebook, mobile phones, YouTube and Co. but instead recognise the place in our children’s lives, and work with what we have in the best way we can.

I say this in light of recent headlines that Britain has been named as the worst parent out of 21 countries in a United Nations assessment, it is stated that this is in part due to the high proportion of stepfamilies and single parents. The US wasn’t far behind Britain.

The topic was discussed on Nick Ferrari’s radio show on LBC on September 2nd, and I was lucky to be asked to contribute to the debate. You can listen to the podcast online. I wonder one day whether divorce will be illegal, they’ll bring back compulsory adoption, dunk single mothers in lakes, or burn them on hills. Will we eventually feel complete and utter failures in every aspect of our lives in modern day Britain that we sedate the grown-ups with anti-depressants and the children run amok?

Why not commission some feel good research that inspires a nation of parents? I for one am sick of the media moaning and the Elastoplast attitude adopted by the Big Cheeses.
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