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On the cutting of hair

Posted Oct 10 2008 1:18pm

So I had a little tutorial here for y’all when I figured I was the child-hair-cutting-expert.  In fact I fancy myself expert at most things. A couple days ago, it was time, again, to cut all three girls’ hair.  Does anyone else think their child’s hair grows faster than normal?  Like growth on steroids?  Now the thing with Haley & Emma’s hair is that it is so darn thick!  Like, no more sweet little baby-hair-fly-aways here.  Nope.  Hair like the red forest.

But, super-mommy to the rescue, right?

You’re so far ahead of me.

After I botch the neckline of the short-do, and can’t get the curly-hair to bounce back straight, it’s time to call the professionals.  But drat!  There’s no time before school.  So, pretend it’s all good, use scarfs and hats, we’re off to school.  Do you think its wrong I contemplated keeping them out of school to spare my super-mom image?

After school?

We promptly went to the salon.  A first actually for the younger two.  They were so well behaved.  Of course.  Super-mom image IN TACT.  Well, sort of.  Until Megan (2) pronounced,loudly of course,

“Mommy has scissors!”

Thank you, child.

At which time she was told,
“but she doesn’t have the talent.”

DIE super-mom image, DIE.

PS - to be fair, english wasn’t the hairdresser’s first language.  But I think the point got across, no?

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