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On Sale This Week...Breast Milk???

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:39pm
Did you guys here about this...a woman in Iowa took out an ad in the newspaper. She's selling 100 oz of her breastmilk for $200 or the best offer. You can read the article here .

According to the article, she now donates to a Milk Bank, but she doesn't want the frozen bags of breast milk in her freezer to go to waste, so she's selling them.

I don't know about this. As a woman who breast fed her kids, I can relate to her somewhat. I mean, I also had bags of milk in my freezer and hated to see them go to waste. Anyone who has pumped knows that seeing all of your hard work get poured down the drain seems like such a waste...but to sell it!

I can only imagine what the ad said...

Free-range, organically fed woman seeks buyer for breast milk.
Milking the cow...umm, er...woman, yourself will cost extra.
Gallon jugs provided.

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