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On Being a Mommy Blogger

Posted Jan 07 2010 10:13pm

This is an excerpt from an article for which I was interviewed last April, and as with most quotes I offer, it made much more sense and was much more profound—to me, anyway—upon reading it again much later. I liked the article, and the debate in general. Not that it’s very debatable in my opinion, but maybe that’s my temperament. I don’t mind the term “Mommy Blogger,” and so have moved on from thinking about it.

Published on Mommy Tracked (
Mainstream Media Mommy Box.

...Author/blogger Mindy Roberts—who writes The Mommy Blog, created two other sites and is a panelist on the web-based chat show “Momversation”—was one of the bloggers who appeared in the Oprah episode and said she views the moniker “mommy blog” as a succinct way to describe what she does, not a sexist yoke. “Is anyone upset at being called a ‘tech blogger?’” she asked. “Or ‘social media blogger’ – especially a social media blogger, because in the end, social media does not produce the same sort of concrete, monumental work of art as mothering does. And a mother who cares enough about what she does and can think about it in complex, insightful, humorous ways is probably doing a bang-up job of raising her children because she is empathetic and sharp enough to look for micro-expressions and actually studies the family life in a way no other profession allows.”

Sounds a little arrogant, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

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