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Olivia + Butter + Carpet = crying mommy

Posted Nov 02 2009 10:01pm
First of all let me just say how very thankful I am that our landlord installed incredibly easy to clean carpets in our house.


You know how when kids are sick they are extra clingy? Aiden and Owen were extra clingy yesterday and while Doug was at church last night I ended up laying on the floor on a blanket with Aiden on one side and Owen on the other.

Olivia was with us too and we were all watching TV. She has taken to playing near my desk sometimes- she has a little area where she stashes her toys etc.. So I didn't think anything of her going to "her spot" and playing.

Eventually I realize things are quiet. A little TOO quiet. And then my daughter comes tromping up to where I am with the boys and I look at her feet. She is wearing pretty pink shoes (not abnormal) covered with butter (definitely abnormal).

SO I say "no no no no no no no no" in that voice filled with horror that only a mother who KNOWS she is going to have a huge mess to clean up has.

I remove the buttered shoes from my daughter and start to investigate.

And this is what I found...

And entire pound of butter spread out on the carpet.
It was truly gross and I promptly burst into tears. Please keep in mind I am sick too and not exactly the most emotionally stable person around.
And what did Olivia do? Sat down and started to EAT some of the butter OFF THE FLOOR!!

Now THAT I just could not handle.

Luckily Doug walked in at just that moment and whisked all three children upstairs to bathe while I tried to figure out how to scrub the carpets clean.


I had this conversation with my mother on the phone:

Me: "how do you get BUTTER out of the carpet??"

Mom: "oh no... what happened?"

Me: "OLIVIA happened"

Mom: "oh honey"

Me: "she spread a whole pound of butter all over the carpet"

Mom: "on your area rug?"

Me: "noooooooo"

Mom: "oh no she didn't"

Me: "oh yes she did. she is a monster"

Mom: "ok honey, just get really hot water and lots of soap....." etc. explaining to me how to clean the carpet.

Which brings me back to how thankful I am that we have very easy to clean carpets and I have a mother who knows how to clean weird things. It looks like nothing happened at all. Perfect.

That's a relief.

2 year olds. Sheesh.
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