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Ok, ok, ok...

Posted Jun 19 2008 12:00am

I get it, thanks for all of the advice!
We are going through Cryogenic Laboratories and their cost is $345/vial (but I calculated it with the shipping cost of $190) . So that is where I ended up with the $600 number. I wish we could have afforded 2 vials this time, and perhaps we could have, but I need to make sure the shipping charge is just per ship, not per vial.
Tomorrow, if B doesn't work too long, I am going to have her call the insurance company and see how we go about this reimbursement process. I am sure there will be a ton of red tape to sift through. The funny thing is, when I placed the order, my debit was charged immediately, since then, the sperm has been shipped, but the debit was credited back to my account. I'm not quite understanding, but if it doesn't straighten itself out in the next few days I will call. I already called once and left them a message about it, but no one seems to mind just yet. Perhaps they will debit it again once they have confirmation of delivery?

Tonight marks my official entrance into Summer. I have been at a workshop all week, so have been unable to truly enjoy the end of school. Tomorrow is my first real day off. Woot! Woot!

And a triple Woot! goes out to Baby Judith's two mommies! Congratulations ladies!

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