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Oh Lord

Posted Sep 26 2008 5:16pm

The twins have been trying my patience as of late. They have been so needy and are so very active! I can no longer multitask with pumping and feeding the twins at the same time. I had perfected my method of propping them in their boppys with their bottles while I pumped, but not anymore. It has become a challenge to even feed them at the same time. Loen feels that the bottle should follow her as she moves all over the place. Derby in turn gets annoyed that I have to stop paying attention to him to take care of Loen. There have been times where I have felt like pulling my hair out. Should it really take almost an hour for them to eat 5 ounces apiece?? By the time they are done and put down, I pump, clean everything up only to have to start the process all over again in an hour. It is like the whole day revolves around food, making food, changing dirty diapers that are the result of the food, cleaning the bottles that held the food. It can be a little tedious and mind numbing. Which is evident whenever I try to hold an adult conversation lately. I’m all over the place and cant keep on a train of thought. Perhaps it is just a phase, right? Or is this a precursor for the mayhem to come with twins?? Today was especially bad because I think Derby may have some kind of stomach bug, stuff keeps coming out of both ends. I change a diaper, go wash my hands and come back to find he has spit up all over himself. Wash his face, go wash my hands again….what is that smell?? Yup that would be Derby in need of another diaper. Being a mom is soooo glamorous. Did I mention that Tadd has been putting in longer hours at work due to some kind of tax deadline. I know he is devastated that he cant be here to help with Mr. Poop. Is there any chance he could be making up tax deadlines just to stay at work? I should really check that out.
Loen has almost gotten crawling down. She will move her legs forward then lie on her belly so she can move her arms. The coordination required to move both arms and legs isn’t there yet but it is sooo close. Loen has also shown her preference towards ANY TOY that Derby has in his hand. She can be surround by $200 worth of toys but if Derby has one tiny plastic ring in his hot little fist she has to go forward and take it from him.  I swear when she thinks we’re asleep she is whispering over to Derby’s crib:

Loen: You know why they call ME Twin A? Because I am the Alpha Twin. You know why they call YOU twin B? Because you’re here to do my bidding. And don’t you forget it little brother.

Derby: Sheesh. I cant wait till I’m big enough to sit on you. Don’t think Uncle Iain didn’t give me some sibling torture tips when he was visiting. I’m just biding my time…..

I believe that Loen will become the motivating force towards Derbys developmental progress, merely to get away from her slobbering ways. Speaking of progress the specialist was here this week and said she spoke with the head of the Early Start program, she felt we should give Derby up to 3 months to see improvement from his eye surgery. When I think it through only giving him a month to catch up wasn’t feasible.  I guess I need to have more patience. He tends to favor his right side so we have been working with him by giving him toys to hold in his left hand, he is getting better. Mari said she understands how it can be hard for us regarding Derby because Loen has been making such progress. She also said that in her experience she has had only one other preemie hit milestones as quickly as Loen. That made me feel good for Loen.

Tadd updated WordPress so I am finally able to embed videos. Just to play with this new feature I thought I would embed a few.

What I am greeted by in the morning. Don’t let the adorable angelic act fool you, they can quickly morph into terrors!

The alpha twin assesses the situation and finds it not to her liking. After stalking the prey she attacks.

Both of the twins are enamored with this spider rattle. They don’t get that from me. Lately I have had some real issues with spiders. Last week I was walking down the stairs and saw a big black spider on the wall. I got a little freaked out and was thinking about what I could use to kill it. That is when the brown recluse (I swear it was) decided to jump from the wall TO RIGHT BY MY FEET. That caused me to run down the stairs screaming. Said spider met his demise via vacuum. Then yesterday I went into the garage, barefoot, and walked right by a black widow (that is for reals. Tadd confirmed it after he killed it.) Spiders are going to age me worse than the twins!

Look closely and you can see his teeth

Loen’s “Super Excited” smile

Derby’s “What you talkin’ bout Willis” face

Perhaps I shouldn’t use the flash

Enjoying some quiet time while Loen was asleep

Just checking that you don’t have anything else that I might want

Whatcha doing Mom? huh huh huh?

My secret is I slobber on every toy in a 10′ radius

All that slobbering makes me tired

Well I should go as Derby just spit up, again, and it is in his hair. Clean up on aisle one….

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