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Obesity At Young Age

Posted Dec 27 2011 12:16am

The other day when waiting at Dr. Chin (pead) clinic, I managed to catch some video interviews with the experts whom I have missed meeting at Bora Asrama earlier this year. Got me so excited, coz I missed that dinner discussion although I had the materials they presented at that session.

Here are what I got from Youtube on the videos to share with you all, two interviews with Professor Peter Davies.

First one here

I really can’t agree more on the point that children don’t need a lot of added sugars for energy and growth. It is really a myth when people says about Ian “Oh, he is so active, so he needs more energy, so it is alright for him to eat more sugars…” People just don’t realize how wrong it is, so watch the video above, listen to the expert!!

Although some children are skinny (like my Ian), it doesn’t mean we want to stuff them with so much of added sugars. Those extra calories are not necessary, and can only increase the risk of obesity. Not that I am concerned about how he looks, but obesity IS the cause of many illnesses. If you have obese children, you should even watch out more on their sugars intake.

And here is the second video of the interview

Listen to what he said: “… there is really not many calories to put aside for added sugars…!”

He quoted WHO that added sugars intake should be kept below 10% of our total calories intake. That is only 150kcal (max 7 tsp) per day for children. Normally this “quota” can be easily filled in our ‘normal daily food’. I can already think of many that we eat daily – jam, kaya, coffee/tea/chocolate-drinks/3-in-1 cereal, ice cream, juices, bread, etc. Even in cooking we also have to add sugars to taste (e.g. marmite chicken, butter fry whatever, etc).

So, parents, listen to what he says, there is really not much room to put aside for added sugars in our children’s diet. 7 tsp is used up pretty fast.

Since children 2-3 years old still drink growing up milk a lot, as parents, we should be more careful in choosing the right brand that has no added sugars. Choose wisely! Don’t feed them with empty calories that could lead to obesity and nothing else. They might look chubby and adorable now, but think of the long-term impact to them due to obesity. I have friends with obese children that they can’t control their diet when they grow up. Nothing ‘cute’ when it comes to that stage. :(

So far, I think Anmum Essential is the only growing up milk without added sugars. I’ve tried to verify this, checking on many brands’ labels when I shop for Isabel. If you do come across other brands of growing up milk without added sugars, please share!! Remember how do you check it out? Not more than 11-12g of carbohydrate per serving is the key. Read my previous post here . Cheers!!

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