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obama rally

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:47pm
just got back from the obama rally in downtown indy. i was so pumped about it - which makes me feel even more like a midwesterner because growing up outside of DC, opportunities like this didn't phase me as much. the gates opened at 9:30 and the event was supposed to start at 11:00. i definitely didn't want to wait in line and i definitely didn't want to stand around waiting sandwiched next to people all up in my personal space. i left the office at 10:50 and took a cab and still was too early! this was the view in front of me..

and the view behind me..

i was super jazzed when i got there....the positive energy was incredible and it's a gorgeous sunny crisp fall day. then the standing began.....still standing....still waiting....still standing.....finally an hour later after a few quick introductions he was on. no one can dis the man on his speaking abilities. it's truly amazing and obviously something he was born with. i watched frontline on pbs recently where they did biographies on both candidates and they showed videos of Barack in his Harvard days giving speeches with his '70s fro and bell bottoms, weighing all of a buck ten soaking wet.....and he spoke then just as he does today....powerful, confident, no studdering, no uhh, umm, just flows out. unfortunately i wasn't close enough to get the feeling of his presence but it was still cool nonetheless.

so back to the standing....big momma's back was beginning to burn and i could only do so many stretches and lower back rubs before i just had to start walking. the speakers were so loud that you could probably hear him 2 blocks away but i timed it perfectly because by the time i got to the exit he signed off. indianapolis isn't a huge city (although the rally made it feel like it was) so you can't just stand on a corner and hail a cab like in NYC or anything. two co-workers joined me at the rally so we decided if we could find a half way point to eat lunch, big momma could probably handle the trek. one of my co-workers is a little high maintenance and has the hots for the mall food court for's a daily battle to go somewhere else. the food court was a little more than half way and i didn't have the lung capacity to fight it so i reluctantly agreed. did i mention that the future farmers of america are here for a conference? well by the time we made it to the food court i was really hurting, my back was burning and my cervix was so tight i could barely walk ( tmi, i know). we arrive at the food court and all you see is a sea of blue FFA jackets. every restaurant had an insane line. i thought about dropping right there on the floor and crying like a big baby or just kicking my co-worker in the knee caps...but i held myself together, sat down (literally) on the down escalator and plopped myself in front of the bar at champs and had lunch.

thats really the end of my story. i barely have the energy to proof read before hitting publish. oh one more thing, do you think obama will pay my dry cleaning bill?

the reason my casper white feet are still clean is that i actually thought ahead and brought the uggs to wear to the rally!

the end.
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