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O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Posted Nov 28 2009 10:03pm
Have I mentioned I love the holiday season? I love everything about it. The cold, the smell of pine trees, putting up and decorating the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music, midnight mass, exchanging gifts, the first snow of the year, the bulky sweaters, hot cocoa, everything!

I've been fighting the urge to put up my Christmas Tree for over a week now. The dilemma? Furniture arrangement and baby-proofing. Last year, we had different couches and Franky was too little to get into anything. This year, we are going from one sofa to two, and Franky can get into everything.

Because we bought a house just months before getting married, every extra cent that didn't go to the wedding went into the house renovations. So, when decorating time came around, we were empty-pocketed. So, what did we do in our time of sofa-need? We went driving around on garbage night and garbage picked them from someone in our neighborhood. I have no shame in admitting that. They were in excellent condition. I am amazed at what people in my neighborhood call "garbage." Most of the time the stuff laying at their curb isn't even worthy of being called "used" cuz it's in excellent condition.

I'll give you an example. A few weeks ago, Ryan and I went to Meijer in search of a toy box for Franky's play room. We found the perfect one, but it came with a hefty price tag. We decided to just make the most of our current system: a large storage bin with handles. As we were about to pull into our driveway, we noticed a toybox sitting at the curb, just one street away from us. We shoved it in the trunk and brought it home, but not before we noticed a Little Tikes kitchen a few houses away from that. So we grabbed that too. They were in excellent condition. Inside the toy box was a brand new shopping cart cover! Even though it was blue and perfect, I gave it to my MIL, cuz we had just purchased one for Franky the week before. I spent the better part of 3 1/2 hours scrubbing and cleaning both items the next morning. We kept the toy box and gave the kitchen to my baby sister <3

Anyway, my point is, people throw away perfect good things all the time. Hubby and I don't venture out on garbage night often. Typically once or twice a year just to see what's out there.

So, the sofas we garbage-picked, while they were in excellent condition when we got them, they were not in excellent condition when we put them out at our own curb a year later. Why? Because my 80 lb pitbull/shepherd mix who sheds like crazy thought they were her dog beds. The were filthy, smelly and covered in fur by the time we got rid of them.

It just so happens that our neighbors down the street had a sofa laying at their curb on the same night we put ours out. So what did hubby and I do? We walked our butts out there in the middle of the freezing cold, snowy night and carried the thing home, lol.

But, now it's time to bid farewell to this too. Not because it's in bad shape. It's in great shape. But only because we are getting hubby's grandmother's sofas and they will fit our lifestyle more practically. Now we'll have lots of places for visitors to sit.

So, back to my original point. I can't put up the tree yet, because I don't know how I'm gonna set up the living room once we have the couches here. And because we have no ornaments. I gave ours away to a friend because they were glass and shattered once they hit the hardwood. So out they went. Now I'm keeping my eyes peeled for plastic ones that are nice and safe. And rather than use hooks, I'm thinking about tying them to the tree branches with ribbon. As far as keeping Franky away from the tree, that's where the furniture will come into play. I'll find a way to block it off with the love seat and the coffee table. I'll figure it out. And I'll make sure I post lots of pictures of the final result, lol.

Okay, I'm done rambling...for now, lol. See what happens when I'm a blogging lazy ass? I have too much to catch up on!

Oh, for a Franky fix: he has 8 teeth, a head full of crazy curls that get crazier and longer by the day, he loves taking things out of things and putting them back in (like baby wipes and kleenex) and he loves sleeping next to Bear. More to come soon!
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