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November 3

Posted Nov 03 2011 12:00am
3 in a row, we're getting somewhere!  So of course it's late, and I'm beyond ready for bed.  But I wanted to jump on so as not to break the streak.  I have to laugh, it has been a really hectic week here, we lost our power over the weekend, as did most of the suburbs around Boston. Now that I think of it, even without the loss of power, it's really been a very hectic fall and I can't believe that it's already the 1st week of November.  So the very fabulous CapegirlinDC asked the other day for a post describing an average day in the life of myself & my daughters.  I will get to that - every day is a little different, but well, here goes
6:30 - my alarm goes off & I grudgingly get out of bed at 6:38, put in my contacts & throw on clothes
6:45 - wake up Charlotte - she is a big time snuggler and even if she's up at the crack of dawn she stays in her bed until I come in for some snuggles.  So sweet. 
6:55 - head downstairs, sometimes Claire is up and sometimes not.  If she's not already awake I let her snooze.
7:00 - I make breakfast for the girls and get started on making and packing lunches/snacks for them & Mr. P
7:20 - get Charlotte's ass in gear getting dressed & ready for the school bus.  She does most of it & I do her hair.
7:30 - head to the bus stop, if Mr. P has left for work Claire comes along, hobo-style in her nightgown, slippers and a winter hat.  Cute.  I'm usually dressed similarly.
7:40 - put Charlotte on the bus & head back home

Here is where I let Claire watch an episode of either Dora or Martha Speaks, current favorites. I either take a shower or clean up the house, depending on what I have going on that morning. 

8:20 - get Claire's ass in gear, get her dressed, do her hair
8:30 - drive Claire to school
8:45 - Peel out off the school parking lot screaming I'M FREE (kidding...)

So, the girls are in school until 2 most days, one day they both get out at 12:30.  What do I do all day? Well, it varies.  Some days I'm teaching, some days I'm just coming home to clean the house, some days I have errands to run, some days I am volunteering at the girls' school, and some days I have meetings of some sort, I'm on the board of our town's family association and the girls' school's school council.  So things are fairly busy and before you know it, it's time to go pick them up. 

In the afternoons, the girls have activities. Charlotte has dance 2 days a week and gymnastics another day.  Claire has gymnastics as well.  They're busy but not overly over-scheduled.  Some days they have a playdate and other days we'll go to the library or Starbucks or run errands together. Some days we go home and play outside or watch a movie.  They are at very sweet ages and honestly they are a lot of fun. I mean they are also quite frankly giant pains in the rear frequently but more often than not they are a lot of fun.

To sum things up, at 5:45 they eat dinner.  At 6:15 or so they have a bath and between 6:30 and 6:45 those girls go to bed.  Claire is asleep before I even close the door to her room and Charlotte will occasionally read in bed for 15 minutes but usually she's out cold, too.  I have done many things wrong as a parent but one thing I have done right is get these girls to go to bed & sleep well.  Then a few nights a week I am either heading out to teach or to meet a friend for a glass of wine.  I long for the nights I get to stay home & cook dinner!

And then we start all over again in the morning.  To add to the craziness, I was offered and am contemplating a part-time job for the holiday season, which, if I take it, could turn into a permanent part-time job.  I did accept it verbally but I think it still remains to be seen whether I can really make it work.  I'll keep you posted.
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