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Notes From The Blissdom Conference, Take One

Posted Mar 24 2013 12:00am

I'm processing an awful lot of wisdom and an awful lot of - stuff - that I heard over the past few days while I attended the Blissdom conference.

Let me start off by saying I *desperately* needed a few days of time to think. A few days before I left for the conference, I put this on my Facebook:

I often feel as if I am in a blender, turned on high, and the lid isn't on.

Blog conferences come just in time for me to get a little respite. I can hang out with friends, spend some time decompressing, and if it's a really well done conference (and if it's not, I don't go back the next year) take home a little bit of wisdom, shared by someone MUCH smarter than I am, that I can allow to process and ferment in my brain.

And then, I most often forget it. Since I'm all about the honest.

I took a TON of notes over the past few days. I have them scrawled on random sheets of paper, I voice dictated them into my phone (seriously? That's the thing I use the most in my phone - I voice dictate everything, texts, emails, blog posts, grocery lists) and emailed snippets of great stuff to myself. Over the next couple of posts, I'm going to share some of them with you in order to a) share with you, duh and b) hear what you have to say about said smartness.

So. Let's talk about C.C. Chapman.

I first met C.C. on a Ford trip. He was super kind and gracious when my friend Sugar introduced us, and I like to follow nice people on the Internet. Those people who can't bother to give the peons under them the time of day, the people who are I'm important and I know it, those are the people that I never follow. It's not worth it to me. But the nice people, the people who make me feel as if I might have something worthy to say – even though we all know I mostly don't – those are good people.

And he is one of them. When we left the Ford event, we left the copy of his first book, and I read it. Correction: I didn't read it so much as highlighted, dog eared it, tagged it and basically study the heck out of it. Working in social media means that I know the importance of it, know what it can do for a business, and know that if the business doesn't use it, they're not going to be successful in the future.

In other words, the book spoke to me. And when I heard that C.C. was going to speak, I knew it was the session that I needed to attend. Here are the notes that I made from the session.

  • If your friends don't want you to succeed they aren't your friends
  • Rules are like rubber bands - stretch them and break them
  • Challenge your friends. A real friend will tell you when you do something stupid. Real friends aren't "yes men"
  • Don't let the seagulls get you down. Seagulls are not Internet trolls. They swoop in and bring you down and leave. They give you no guidance. The more "not normal" you are, the more you will attract them.
  • Celebrate successes of all sizes. Even the little ones.
  • Beer and coffee. Make time for beer and coffee. Face to face interaction with people is key, valid and important. With technology, it's going away but it is super important to maintain it.
  • Life is too short for bad wine. Don't save the good wine for the best situations - your whole life should be a celebration.
  • Always give back to the community.
  • Be a Duck. Let the criticism roll off of you.
  • Play in the rain. Just like your kids, get out there and play in the rain.

These are some seriously good rules that I have heard before and try to live by - but it's good for a reminder every now and again. He's a straight up gracious guy with lots of wisdom and a couple of gentle reminders for me.

And damn - my mama always says, Be A Duck - Let it roll off you.

And I can say that my mama is right. I will admit it.


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