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Not ready yet

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm
As the 18 month mark quickly approaches, I find myself wanting to postpone it more and more. Because of my (stupid effin) c-section, I decided that I would wait until Franky was 18 months before getting pregnant again. But now that it's less than six months away, I am wanting to push the baby-making time further and further away. I'm not ready yet. The way I feel now, I don't even want to think about getting pregnant again until Franky is two.But will I be ready then? When will I be ready?

I hate to admit it, but unless baby #2 is an "oops" baby, I have a feeling I won't get pregnant for a long, long time. Not on purpose, anyway. Had my delivery gone differently, I may feel differently. But the way I feel now, I am in no hurry to rush it. And I'm also hoping there are no "oops" moments in my future...but then maybe an "oops" is the only way baby #2 will come into the picture.

It's so much to think about. Will I have an epiphany and know that it's the right time? Or will an "oops" be the only way we have another baby? I have lots of mommy friends, and it's an even split. Of all of them, 50% say they knew when the time was right, and the other 50% had an "oops" baby. Which side of that line will I fall into? I guess only time will tell...
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