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Not Me Monday - The Post Op Edition

Posted Oct 01 2008 12:00am

Welcome to another fabulous Monday and another fabulous (I hope) Not Me Monday Post. Check out MckMama's blog for more info on this gloriously therapeutic practice (use the button above).

I did not refer to my 8 weeks of recovery as uninterrupted blogging time - nope, I have not become that much of a blogging fanatic.

I did not completely go off any diet I have ever pretended to be on right before my surgery because I knew it would be a couple of days before I could eat a decent meal I figured why not. Of course I was absolutely disciplined right up to surgery.

I did not try to type posts and replies while in an anesthetic delirium - of course I am not so addicted to my blog that I was able to wait until I was coherent and could keep my eyes open for more than 5 minutes.

I am not currently typing this on my laptop which is not plugged in to the hospital wall, I wouldn't do that - the rules strictly forbid plugging in to the hospital walls and I never break the rules - I also have not been using my cell phone to keep tabs on everything/everyone as cell phones are also contraband.

I am not wondering how many of MckMama's page hits each Sunday are from Not Me Monday Fanatics hitting "reload" - wanting to know the second "Not Me Monday" is posted - I wouldn't wonder this, because I myself wouldn't do this...nope...not me...

I am not at all disappointed that I can't think or more to say for this "Not Me Monday" - and I am not wishing I had something a little more fun or humorous, and not just my current state of body/mind.

I usually try to include some post about our weekend here. Unfortunately I have nothing to post - I haven't seen or been with my lovely boys at all this weekend - man do I miss them!! I am looking forward to going home tomorrow and being with them. I am so happy that this newest little bump is over and now just for a little healing and we will be back to normal (whatever normal is). I can't wait to go home and eat my mom's lasagna (she makes the best lasagna and sent some to the house earlier tonight). I can't wait to sleep in my bed, with my husband, and my boys in the next room. Its only been a weekend, but its been a long weekend and I am ready to go home!!
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