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North Georgia Trademarks

Posted Jun 21 2012 11:55am

We had been in GA a total of 24 hours before it all started coming back. The trademarks of North Georgia. Georgia. It will always feel like home to us. And North Georgia will always hold a special place in our hearts and I suppose that’s why we went driving through our old neighborhoods recalling memories and “firsts”. But it was a few things that had us in stitches and that emphasized why this area is such a unique place. Like when traffic was stopped over the largest turkey I’ve ever seen in my life crossing the road. Clearly the expectation was for me to sacrifice my family of four for this embarrassingly large animal because when I just kept driving by instead of braking and dodging the thing I got evil looks and honks from all the other cars that were skidded off the road over this beast. We just barely missed it but I didn’t lose much time over it. Maybe a few seconds. I do recall seeing the hangy downy part on the spinning turkey’s neck (the gizzard??) flapping back and forth from the 60 mph speed of the car. But other than that it was fine. Okay, and then about ten miles later I see a huge dead fish on the side of the road. No lake nearby. Just a fish laying there. The next thing that reminded us we were in North Georgia was when we were strolling through our old neighborhood and all of a sudden Mitchell says, “Oh Gross!!!!” We looked out the car window and saw a lady sunbathing out in knee high grass on her towel. And her two piece wasn’t quite covering it all if you know what I mean. It was quite the visual. Shortly after all this we had to go to Wal-Mart and we saw this man:


Just Kidding. We didn’t this man but I’m pretty sure we saw all his relatives there. And at that point Randy and I looked at each other and said, “We are indeed back in North Georgia!” And we just laughed. But before you rule out relocating to this amazing little town let me tell you what I absolutely love and miss about this place:

The mountains are beautiful, the people are genuine and it’s where God called us to for twelve years.

North Georgia, you hold a special place in our hearts!

More to come about the week at Woodlands Camp and some of the things that took place while we were here.

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