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No, YOU’RE a hoarder!

Posted Apr 23 2013 8:08am

I mentioned awhile back that thanks to the TV show “Extreme Couponing” and well, let’s face it, blogs and the internet, it is now hard out there for a pimp a lot more difficult to get good coupon deals at the drug and grocery stores. This week I went to CVS, Walgreens, AND Rite Aid just to get some good deals on things we need – but that is not exactly convenient! I rarely ever do that, though, so I let it slide.  And I’ve been alternating between ALDI and Kroger (even though they took away double coupons which I’m still mad about!!!), because there are things that are unique to both stores that we use a lot as a family. I’m still spending more than I’d like, but lack of coupons is not the only big factor in the inflation of the Rapson family grocery budget. The other big factor?


jonah yogurt

This child eats more every day than his big siblings combined. I typically have to go buy bananas and grapes for him twice a week, since bananas go bad quickly, I can’t buy enough for the whole week in one sitting. It’s crazy! When Joshua and Sophie were toddlers, they both ate barely enough to stay alive. Jonah eats enough for about four grown men. Keep in mind that he is also on a gluten-free diet, so I have to get creative with his snacks. Dried cherries, Pirate’s Booty rice puffs, and raisins are his current faves. The dried fruit can be really pricey! (I get the cherries at ALDI).

Besides snacks, Jonah’s three favorite foods are grapes, bananas, and yogurt. He eats yogurt for breakfast every day since he can’t have wheat or oats, and he usually eats two cups.  And he also usually has a cup for snack after his nap. Plus, the big kids like yogurt a lot also. So I am constantly on the hunt for yogurt that is on sale. That is why, after the last Kroger Mega-Event, I had about 20 boxes of go-gurt in my fridge. It is also why I went to our local Kroghetto yesterday in search of a “Manager’s special” deal on yogurt – praying for markdowns because nothing was on sale! And oh, how my prayers were answered!


Got yogurt?

WHAT? It’s perfectly normal for someone to purchase 53 cups of yogurt in ONE shopping trip! You’re just JEALOUS!! (I was especially excited about all the Chobani! I love it and so does Jonah. P.S. the coffee-flavored Chobani is for Bobby and me.)

So there ya go. I’m that crazy person getting weird looks from all the people at Kroghetto who shop in their pajama pants – and the sad part is – I DID leave some on the shelves, and I really want to go back and buy them! But I’m controlling myself…and besides, some other savvy shopper who scours the ghetto grocery for markdowns probably got them by now, anyway. *Sigh*.

These are the lengths I will go to to keep my family fed for less! Desperate times call for desperate measures…but you can’t accuse me of hoarding because we go through the yogurt so fast!

What crazy savings schemes are you into these days?

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