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No More Sodas for Me!

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:24pm

I was reading Jimmy Moore's blog this morning and as I was drinking my Diet Coke and reading his post - I almost spewed (sp?) my Diet Coke all over the place!

Lead researcher Peter W. Piper, professor of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Sheffield, wanted to know what impact a food additive known as E211--the scientific name for the common preservative sodium benzoate used in most soft drinks to prevent molding--has on cells in the body. The cancer connection has already been established when benzene is mixed with vitamin C.

Okay, panic mode is setting in (just a little). So, I read this and immediately check the label of my Diet Coke. Whew! No "sodium benzoate" - mine has "potassium benzoate".

Then, it got me to thinking......what the heck is "potassium benzoate" and what happens when it gets put into my Diet Coke....and then what happens when I drink it. So, off to the internet I go to see what I can find. Lo and behold, CBS News published a story on their site last year (you can read it here ) about this and back in April 2006, MSNBC posted an article (you can read it here ) saying that "cancer-causing benzene has been found in soft drinks at levels above the limit considered safe for drinking water, the Food and Drug Administration acknowledged Wednesday. Even so, the FDA still believes there are no safety concerns about benzene in soft drinks, or sodas, said Laura Tarantino, the agency’s director of food additive safety."

Okay, so the FDA finds levels above the limit considered safe for drinking water and state there are still no safety concerns.....well, sorry friends! Just the idea of the side effects mentioned in several research articles I have read has me giving up the sodas - cold turkey, no more for me! As I write this post - my Diet Coke (which is 2/3 full) is in the trash!

One of the reasons I love Jimmy Moore's blog is because he provides links to other articles, opinions, etc. to help you find out as much information as you can about a that you can make the best decision for yourself or your family. No alarmist here! :) I will continue to locate all I can on this subject and I want to encourage everyone to continue seeking out information for yourself and/or your family concerning issues such as this one! As for more sodas! Diet or otherwise!
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