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No more "bored" games for us....

Posted Jan 25 2012 12:16pm
One of my favorite things to do with my kids is play board games.

I know, I know...some parents would rather undergo a painful root canal than play a board game with their kids.  Tim, in particular.  He considers them "bored" games and refuses to partake in our twice-a-week ritual. Honestly, I think it's because he's afraid the kids will kick his ass at Monopoly but that's just between me and you guys, okay?

I think spending quality time with your kids playing games is so important.  Not only for the cognitive learning possibilities (counting numbers on a pair of dice, identifying colors, following a sequential pattern, etc) but also for the social opportunities it provides (learning how to wait your turn, good sportsmanship, etc).

One of our absolute favorite games to play is Monopoly (the electronic banking version).  I used to get frustrated having to deal with all the fake money but with the electronic banking version, it makes it really simple for young players.

Every player gets a plastic card (similar to a credit card) and you simply slide the card in the banking device to add money or take money from your account.  Even my 4-year olds know how to operate it.

And I love that they're essentially learning how to handle money.  Like, for instance, they land on a property they were hoping to buy but they don't quite have enough money to buy it.  Or when they owe another player money....they know they have to make good on their loan or there will be consequences.

Great life lessons, right?

Another game we love is Battleship.   Not only do I love the competitiveness of this game but I like that the kids are learning how to plan strategically.  They really have to use their brains in this game, pay attention and try to outsmart their opponent.

They also have to know their letters and numbers in order to identify spots on the board, which has been helpful for the little twins.

Lastly, a perfect game for the little ones (preschool age) is Yahtzee Junior.  Even my big twins love this game.

It's super easy to play...simply roll the dice and try to match up the faces of the characters.

This game teaches kids how to count, recognize matches and good sportsmanship.  Garrett and Landon have even learned how to add up their scores at the end of the game to determine who the winner is.

Those are just a few of our favorites!  We have stacks and stacks of various board and card games that we enjoy.

Board games are such a wonderful way to bring the family together (unless, of course, you have one particular person in the family who is a party pooper....cough, cough...Tim).  

And one of the perks is that all these games are affordable!  There are plenty of ways to save on Hasbro games ...right now you can get 35% off!

If you don't already enjoy a family night of board games, why not start?   I can guarantee it's something your kids will love and come to really look forward to!

What games does your family enjoy playing together? Registered & Protected
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