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Night toilet training Isabel

Posted Jul 01 2009 4:23pm

Been trying to toilet train Isabel at night for a while. Not very successful, wetting the bed many times. Although I have the mattress pads, still a chore at night.

I quit 2 weeks ago, thinking that she wasn’t really ready. I asked her to use the leftover diapers. After 1 week wetting herself, she suddenly shows improvement again.

One night, I heard her crying in her room. Thinking that she probably fell on the floor, I went in and surprisingly found her standing in front of the toilet crying.

Well, apparently she took out the diaper herself, used the toilet all by herself. But stuck with the door and hurt her feet slightly.

Following that, we ran out of diapers already, so I took out the Cloth Diapers which I had kept for a while.


She said, they are too thick! LOL!

So, I told her, if she doesn’t want to use the diaper, she cannot wet her bed. If she wet her bed, she has to use the CD. She agreed.

From then on, 5 days already, NO WETTING!

I hope this is permanent. Too many rounds already. So many times I reported here in this blog, that I have successfully trained her, but then it went back to wetting again. Hahahaha! No confidence now. :p

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