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Niece’s Birthday-Bin’s birthday preparation-a new phone

Posted Aug 24 2008 9:15pm

Niece’s Birthday-Bin’s birthday preparation-a new phone

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My favourtie niece, Zeng Yee, celebrated her 7th birthday today. Love her dearly from the day she was born; maybe because we are both born in the year of the snake, maybe because I stayed with her for 1 year, since she arrived onto this earth, before Allan and I moved out; maybe because she visits my stall every week since the day we moved out- she is like my daughter. This love is mutual too, cos’ I am the 2nd person she loved most - that’s what she told me.


Knowing that she is crazy over princesses and after what I bought for her during Christmas, I don’t have much variety left. These are what I managed to find. Hope Disney comes out with more new stuff for princesses, if not I would be in trouble when Children’s Day come around in October.



Before Binbin’s very first birthday party arrive tomorrow, we needed to get these prepared:-

Goodies Bag


We have got small gadgets for play, biscuits to fill the tummy and lots of sweeties to decay the teeth.



Party Hats

QC passed.

Inspected and tried on by the ‘man’, himself.


Keatkeat’s present for his only brother

This was more like Binbin chose it himself and insisted that the elder brother buy for him.

Wrapper was chosen by Keatkeat and ‘wrapped’ by him too. (well, he did the taping part, mommy-me did the rest)


Clean up

Before the fun begins tomorrow, there’s lots of cleaning up to be done. The birthday boy decides to help but he couldn’t even move stick the right way. Look at Keatkeat’s expression - laughing uncontrollably at Binbin till he needed to pee (look at his left hand)


So the brother did the rest of the work….

kitvacu.JPG kitvacu1.JPG


Unlucky day - 3 days ago

Allan finally got his very first pay 3 days ago, ever since he started being a property agent. So here’s his belated valetine’s day + last year’s birthday present for me.

That day was drama, I forgot to bring my wallet along and this phone gave problem during the demo. It couldn’t even switched on. So we had to wait for the battery to be charged.

While it was charging at the battery. Allan went for appointment. For the 2 hours without the man around, I was at Westmall shopping with the kids with no money on me whatsoever. So super handicapped. Hated the feeling.

Went to the arcade where Binbin fell down and a piece of his skin was scraped off from the ear. Rather rounded. So now he looks like he’s got a ear stud from far. The teens at the arcade were yelling, “Shut the hell up.” Another one was exaggerating the cries.

I was so pissed. I was ready for a fight or an argument. I was so heated up. But my priority was to calm the little one down first. So I held my tongue. I just glared at them.

As if I wasn’t bad luck enough, a phone that doesn’t work at first sight, no money, got mocked by teenagers, the boys told me they needed to poo AT THE SAME TIME! I had to hold on to 2 cubicle doors while they did their business. It was so drama. Then they finished at the SAME TIME. Both insisted that I clean them up first. But I decided to go for Binbin first ‘cos I know Keatkeat’s shitting habit .

Of all things, what really set me on fire were the teenagers. Why has teenagers these days become so irritating?!

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