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Next time I am going to ask for more people to toss money in my general direction

Posted May 04 2010 12:00am
Over the weekend I was trying to convince Jeremy that he needed to learn how to play the harmonica.

He kept refusing. His really lame excuse was that he didn't 'Have the Music in Him.'

"But honey, there aren't really enough people out there playing the harmonica. Its like a dying instrument!" I cry to him.

Of course, he didn't agree to play the harmonica, but totally turned it around on me.

"If you think that there needs to be more harmonica players out there, you should take up playing."

"That would be great, but I just want to get a groove on while listening to the harmonica playing, that's why you should totally do it."

He laughed at me & then he turned on Pandora so we could listen to some music. The first song started out with a harmonica solo.

If this wasn't a sign that he should be playing harmonica then I don't know what is. He said the universe was just trying to distract me and shut me up.

Maybe he was right.

Fast forward to last night and the Mother/Daughter Banquet at my mother's church.

At each place setting there was a plastic harmonica. I took it as a bigger sign that Jeremy should totally take up the harmonica.

Then after dinner we headed upstairs for our entertainment.


The girls rolled their eyes, while my niece was so very excited. So excited that I got to take her to the front of the sanctuary so she could get a closer look.

After about 45 minutes of harmonica playing, I had had enough of its awesomeness. In fact, I didn't really think the harmonica was that awesome anymore.

I really do hate when the Universe & my husband get together to prove a point to me.

And that point is that there really isn't enough people out there tossing random twenty dollar bills in our direction.

Someone should really get on that.
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