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Newborn “Mistakenly” Circumcised Against Family’s Wishes

Posted Sep 12 2010 12:00am

Baby Mario Viera was in the NICU of a Miami, Florida hospital when hospital staff circumcised him against his mother’s instructions.

The surgery was performed eight days after his birth, and without a parent present. The hospital blames a misread consent form.

Mario’s mother, Vera Delgado, was understandably upset. Especially because she told doctors several times that she didn’t want him circumcised. From CBS 4 :

It’s a big hospital. It’s a good hospital, and I thought he’s safe, he’s good there.

I know some people will think, ‘Oh that’s not a big deal.’ But what would happen if you don’t want that for your son, and they do it anyway?

I was crying. I spent that day and the next day crying.

Even those who believe in circumcision should be outraged with the hospital’s “mistake”. What kind of “misreading” does it take to actually perform unnecessary surgery on an infant, much less one in the ICU?

South Miami Hospital released a statement that read,

The baby’s circumcision was an unfortunate mistake caused by a misread consent form. As soon as the error was discovered, the doctor and nurses let the family know what had occurred.

Oh good. Welp, as long as the parents knew their son had been taken from the ICU and accidentally mutilated, no harm done.

What further annoys me about this outrageous “mistake” is the way CBS 4 reported it.

It turns out every man in Mario’s family is uncircumcised. It’s a family tradition.

Yes, it’s a family tradition. Like turkey and Grandma’s green bean casserole on Thanksgiving.

Funny, I have that tradition in my family, too! We don’t believe in subjecting male infants to pain just after birth simply based on their gender! Because not harming babies is a tradition in my family.

And for linguistic purposes, can everyone please correct their use of the word “uncircumcised”? Otherwise, I’m going to have to call myself an unmastectomized, uncircumcised woman.

And I’d prefer to keep calling myself whole, thankyouverymuch. Just like my sons. Just like every son, especially Vera Delgado’s, should be.

I know they said they’re sorry, but it’s done. The damage is done.

You can find a great blog post on this tragedy at Peaceful Parenting . I found this story on .

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