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New years day and a shit head!

Posted Jan 01 2011 12:00am

Sorry for the delay. I have a tendency to disappear often huh? But I still love you guys, I really do!
The reason I'm writing today is just to get some shit off of my chest. I guess that's the bonus of a blog right? To rant when you need to without hearing shit in return?
Anyway, It's been a tad bit crazy on my end. My Christmas came and went..Kids, toys, guests and work...I'm glad that it's over. My New Years went the same way...wait I'm was way worse.
I got stuck working it, as I get stuck working every fucking holiday known to man. My kids always ask why I have to work on our special days, my explanation is always " People still get sick on holidays baby!" I'd like to think that they understand, but they really don't. My oldest like to sympathize and say " Mom, It's ok that your not home because your a good mom and the sick people can use someone like you on a holiday. You can be their family for a day because your my family everyday!"
Statements like that make my heart melt, but they also make me realize what I'm sacrificing as well. My New Years was spent toasting a cup of coffee with an employee. An employee that wasn't supposed to live past July of 2010. How blessed we are huh, I said to him. Tears in his eyes, he agreed.
It's amazing how that stupid fucking ball dropping, puts life into perspective! Family and friends, the real important things in ones life? I got various texts and calls to say happy new years, just so I can attend to sick patients. That night was hell!
Several patient falls and a death. I had a patient injure herself and I desperately needed her transported. Only to have a very beligerant Fireman come in with a hard on. Yelling and screaming at me because he didn't want to be a "first responder" at that very given moment. I think none of us really wanted to work that night but we do what we gotta do right? I can't understand the relevance of being a dignified asshole to others? So I simply asked who the fuck he was to be talking to anyone in this manner? I also stated that I'd be ashamed to have been his mother or wife, talking to women in this manner...I said that he make give a lot a shit to women but he really fucked with the wrong one at this moment..I ain't no punk and I'm sure as fuck not letting some un educated asshole tell me how to do my fucking job! So, after him getting into my face and pointing his fat little finger at me, I decided to call the police to get his stupid fucking ass escorted out of my building. To relax from the incident I decided to go to another unit, just to get my ass chewed out by a supposed "friend". I guess he was having a shitty night and decided to jump down my throat. As if I didn't just have that done? My next event was preceeded by an unexpected death, a migraine, and a desperate need for a box of tampons! (sorry guys)
Listen, I really don't have a big moral to my sorry ass story except. SHUT THE FUCK UP!
I'm am so sick and tired of people having shitty days and being shit heads to each other. I try my best each and every day to go into work with a smile on my face. Even if my day at home was shitty, even if my day at work was shitty. Even if it's all shitty....there's no reason why I should make someone else's day shitty...
You just never know how shitty someone's day was and how much shittier you can make it just by being a shit head!

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