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New Year resolution.....To not make one.

Posted Dec 30 2008 1:09pm

Here it is after the Christmas rush and now we're going into the New Year.  I have always found the "resolution" a stupid thing, I mean why not make a resolution everyday instead of once a year.  Make a bunch of goals and do them in short periods of time.  I'm still working to be a better parent and I have my good and bad days but I still try everyday.  I find it funny that many people make a resolution to stop smoking every year and I don't mean that in a bad way.  Good for you in the right direction but don't expect it to happen over night.  I smoked off and on for about five years and one day I just woke up after I turned 21 and said to myself that I'm tired of smoking and it took me three weeks but I was able to do it.  I'm not saying that if you can't do it in three weeks you suck but I wasn't a heavy smoker, I smoked a little when I was at work on break or when I went out drinking.  I'm not a perfect person and I only hope that my kids and other people can learn from my mistakes.  Remember that things don't happen overnight and I know that's a hard concept for most people since we live in an instant gratification society.  I know that another very popular resolution to make is to lose weight.  That one is just as hard if not harder than to quit smoking.  It can take many years to lose a significant amount weight without having the bypass surgery.  I am a big believer of doing things as naturally as possible.  If you are significantly overweight I would definitely talk to your doctor first but you also have to exercise  and eat healthier and as you exercise your appetite will get bigger but the goal is to consume less calories to lose weight.   Try to find healthy foods to eat.  Right now I have the kids hooked on Pomegranates so I spent a good portion on the morning cleaning them.  I put them on their Activia yogurt and I also give them each half a Fuji apple to also dip in the yogurt.  Sugary things aren't the best and yes lately I have been letting them eat a little worse with cookies and the candies they got for Christmas.  It's been proven to let kids have some (not a lot) of "junk foods" so that way as adults they won't pig out on them.

I do have to tell you that we had a great Christmas though.  "N" made out like a Star Wars bandit and he's loving it.  He really likes his Legos and storm trooper costume he got.  I finally took the rest of the toys out of their boxes a few days ago and OMG I can't believe how much stuff the kids got.  Later today the kids bike ride (my walk) I'll let "O" dress up and I'll even put makeup on her (that Santa brought her).  I got some really great presents too!  I have a new digital camera by Canon PowerShot SD770 IS 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Silver)">Canon PowerShot SD770 IS 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Silver)'>Canon and it's so much better than my HP one.  I can actually take more pictures quicker then I could with the old and I can just throw it in my purse and carry it with me at all times.  Plus I also got the Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black)">Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black)'>Flip Mino Camcorder but that was after Christmas when I got that.  It was just really a great one all around.  "The Hubby" got lots of running stuff and Hewlett Packard DF820A3 8" Digital Photo Frame (HP DF820A3)">Hewlett Packard DF820A3 8" Digital Photo Frame (HP DF820A3)'>HP digital picture frame .  I do feel like I ruined Christmas though because I waited so long to do the stuff.  We did buy a real Christmas tree for the first time in I think 5 or 6 years, we made about 50 homemade ornaments (applesauce and cinnamon) and painted on the windows too.  We didn't really start making cookies till a few days before Christmas and in a way I think it worked out because we only had one batch of buckeye balls and one batch of spritzers, we didn't make the meringue cookies but in the end I'm sure that's a good thing since I have gained about 5 pounds this Christmas.

We will start taking the tree down I think this weekend and I'm sad because we only had it for about two-three weeks.  I guess at least next year I know that we'll buy another real tree and we'll start earlier.  This year was crazy because the two weeks leading up to it "The Hubby" was out in LA for the most part and I totally had intentions of having the tree done to surprise him but it didn't work out.  I did put up the fake one up and as we were putting the lights we bought last year on sale, we realized that for some reason they weren't working.  I tested them before I put them on the tree and after we blew 2 of the 6 boxes we bought new LED lights.  I'll add more lights to it next year.  Next year will be a great year because it really will be a simple Christmas because we won't have the room we have today so we won't be buying as much and it'll actually feel like Christmas since we'll be in the snow.

As for our New Year again we'll be having a friend of ours watch the kids so we can ring in the New Year at a 5/K Chili Cook off.  Another friend of ours may go with us too and if that's the case it'll be a lot of fun.  To me, the more the merrier.  I think Christmas could have been better if family could have come out.  I feel bad for the kids because I think the last time any family with us on Christmas was the year that "N" was born and now that's been 5 years.  Oh well i guess we'll try for next year.   Have a great and Happy New Year (with or without your resolution).

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