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New Additions to the Agape Golden Family

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:01pm
Our son, Isaac, turned seven in October. For his birthday he had two requests: 1. a golden retriever puppy and 2. stuff for his golden retriever puppy. Never one to disappoint my children, his wishes were granted. We welcomed home Agape Golden's Cosmic Pluto Labor Day weekend... four weeks prior to Isaac's actual birthday. For his party we went "dog wild" but had a "dog gone" good time. The party was held at our local park and was well "dog" themed of course. His cake had a picture of him and Cosmo meeting for the first time and doggie/treat bags were passed out to all guests and their pets. (Pets bags contained tennis balls and dog biscuits.) He had a grand time and is so totally in love with Cosmo.
So then a few weeks later the kids tried to get me to let them have a kitten from a litter at a friends house. I was firm in my answer, "NO." I informed them and my hubby that I was holding out for a Himalayan kitten. I had wanted one my whole life and would not have another cat unless it were a Himi. However, I refuse to pay $350+ for a cat. (The day I did would be the day before it got in the road and got ran over! I know how that works!) So the stipulation was made that I would get one should the day ever come that I could find one in my price range or in other words "for free". My husband knew it would be an impossibility so he gladly went along with my proposition. Again proving that nothing is impossible with God and how much my heavenly Father loves me, less than a week later I read an ad advertising free Himalayan kittens. Serendipity joined our family the same day.
Even crazier than the fact that I found a Himalayan for free is that once I saw the two available kittens, I decided to take them both. I just knew I'd find someone who wanted the sister. Sure enough I did. But who knew it would be my mother who believes that animals are meant to look at not keep. (At least for herself.) She has babied that little kitten more than I've seen her dote on anything since we had infants around. Her "Jazmyn" is spoiled already and runs the house.

Well, the very next day we were told about a litter of Golden Retriever puppies. Not being interested in one for ourselves, I went to look for a friend who had mentioned that he was looking for one. Of course, once the kids saw them they fell head over heels... especially Dacey. I told her that she could have one if she paid for it with her own money. To my surprise, she did! She brought home Rose Bud last Friday.

The very next day I called my aunt who had also mentioned that she was interested in a Golden puppy. She was thrilled and asked me to get her one. Upon mentioning to a couple of friends that we'd be going back for another, two more friends hopped in the van and went with me to pick out sweet, little Golden's for their family. Let me tell you, nothing beats a golden retriever... especially a golden retriever puppy!

And as life has been slightly more than busy the past few months I have neglected to share here that our oldest Golden Retriever, 5 1/2 year old Scarlet, passed her Therapy Dog International test in September. We will soon begin visiting hospitals with her as well as libraries and schools participating in the READ program. We are so very excited to see a dream come to pass that we have literally been working towards for the past five years. God is good! "A therapy dog's work is never done!"

And that's all the animal news around here. Oh, and Kathy.. for the record... I DID NOT get another dog.... this is all on Dacey! LOL

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