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Never say never....

Posted Oct 08 2012 10:18am
I begged, I pleaded....I offered my soul to the devil (what's left of it, anyway) but it was to no avail.

"Please, guys....let's just get an ice cream cake this year for your birthday.  I'll make sure it's super cool and any flavor you want," I offered.

However, my appeal for mercy had fallen on deaf ears.

Cole and Bella, my first born twins, had already made up their mischievous little minds.

"Mommy," Bella announced.  "Your cakes are so awesome, though.  Plus, the people who make the cakes at the bakery don't care about us the way you do.  When you make our birthday cakes, it shows us how much you care!"

"And," Cole added.  "You're always saying you want to create happy childhood memories for us, right?"

Sighing with abandon, I realized they had me exactly where they wanted me.

The little shits.

They had guilted me into baking them each a birthday cake....again.....this year.

How many times had I said I was done making cakes ?  Too many to count, probably.

"If I agree to make you each a cake, it's going to be something very simple and small!" I stated.

They both nodded their heads in agreement.

Simple and small, my ass.

Do these cakes look simple and small to you?

Justin Bieber iPod cake

Shark cake 

And yes, it was Cole who requested that the shark on his cake chow down on Justin Bieber....gory, dripping blood and all.

Bella's just a little bit traumatized after seeing me rip the head off of her beloved JB doll.  I promised I could put it back on.

If I'm struck down by lightening tomorrow, you'll know why.

So, one day in the future, if my children should ever accuse me of not caring or never doing anything special for them, you can bet your sweet ass that I'll be shoving these pictures in their adorable faces, while screaming, "Would I spend 78 minutes carving a damn shark out of homemade rice krispy treats for you if I didn't care?  Would I spend almost half a day cutting out itsy-bitsy black zebra stripes for a freakin' Justin Bieber iPod cake if I didn't care?!  Would I spend 4 precious days to up to my ears in cake mix, buttercream frosting, fondant and baking tools if I didn't care?!"

Really....what could they say to that?

Never mind.

We are talking about MY kids, after all.  And everyone knows they always seem to get the last word.

**  Now that I have my life back again, I'm looking forward to visiting your blogs and getting caught up on the latest in your lives!! Registered & Protected
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