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Neurologist Appointment

Posted Aug 30 2011 6:47am
Violet's Neurologist is very keen to start her on Amitriptyline/Endep for her daily headaches.

He required an ECG before she starts the meds, which to me...rings alarm bells. He said it can affect the heart, so they need an ECG before starting so they know: 1. Her heart is okay at the moment and 2. To compare further ECG's to down the track if anything happens.

Another reason I am hesitant in her starting on this med is that I have used it since my brain tumor op for my own and it didn't work. Plus all the many additional side effects that are very unpleasant and some of which I had when I was on it.

Just stuck on what is best to do? Medicate her with so many other side effects that come with it or let her keep putting up with daily headaches?
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