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Neurologist Appointment

Posted May 30 2011 3:23am
This afternoon Violet had her Neurology review.

Neurologist still concerned about her daily headaches. She has also been very tired lately, to the point where I have been having to wake her up and when she is awake is constantly saying she is tired. Yes I know she has started school this year and may be worn out from school. However having a shunt we can never disregard these kind of symptoms as they could be possible issues with her shunt, even a slow decline of it starting to play up. You would think she would have more energy if anything from not walking like she would be normally.

He is having her bloods done including Epilim levels, liver function etc and would also like her to have a review with her Opthamologist to have him check her eye muscles and if these don't turn anything up, he would like to look into checking pressure in her skull through her Rickham's Reservoir.

Next review in 3 months.
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