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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: When You Give an 8 Year Old a Camera

Posted Dec 30 2009 8:12am
Neener, neener, neener!

No, Santa didn't bring her a camera (sheesh, I'm still waiting for mine!) however, this IS what happens, when your kids are home for the holidays and you, know...are NOT (stupid work!) and one of them just happens to find the one and only camera in the house and, you know, it was just sitting there...on your desk.

It's soup, I think.

It's some sort of soup, I think.



My eyes!

Let there be peace...a lot!

Mom's gonna kill you for using her camera!

You know, mom's gonna kill you for using her camera, without asking, right?

No she isn't, 'cawse she thinks I'm cute! 

No, she isn't, 'cawse she thinks I'm cute [insert 1st picture, here]

John Cena, I think.

John Cena, I think!

You're not made, right Momma

You're not mad, I mean, you like John Cena, right momma?

Morale of the Story:  No, I'm not mad...yes, I like John Cena (RAWR!) but, I really wish Santa would just bring us another camera (or, Ashton Kutcher, RAWR!) because, the kid put the other one down and now I can't find it, DAMMIT!

Stupid work!

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