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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Nanny McMini-Me

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:22pm


All I want for Christmas is to be rid of this gosh-darned front tooth; it's becoming a real eyesore!

Seriously, it's been loose (like that) for 3 weeks.  I don't think it's EVUH going to fall out (I don't do teeth) I did, however, try to pull Mini-me's front tooth at soccer the other day.  It started to bleed (I don't do blood, either) and sheit okay, I was sort of, you know, freaking her teammates out, a little.



"Sorry, Baby...does it really hurt that much?"

Wait for it.

"No, you're pulling the WRONG TOOTH!"

Is there a pediatric dentist in the house and, if so, you wouldn't happen to take Visa, would you?

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