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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Don't Sweat the Dirty Laundry

Posted Oct 07 2009 10:01pm

Folding Party at This Full House!

Sure, when my mother's over, it's a folding party and...NO!...I was NOT even invited!

Although, I gave up hope of ever "finishing" the laundry, a long time ago, I still think it's cute how my mother comes over and gets my kids to help her fold their  laundry, sort of.

"I can't believe that this basket is full of JUST socks!"

6 pairs of feet make for a lot of socks, I guess.  Still.  It's easier to holler at the kids, when they're getting ready for soccer, field hockey, or whatever else requires some extrasensory protection against stinky sports equipment.


Now that the cooler weather is here, we're going to be hitting the sock basket (pretty hard) and, well, while most people would probably think that blogging about my mother, folding my laundry, with my kids, is pretty, you know, sad and a pathetic state of the blogging universe, these days, really.

"Ewww, this one still looks....crusty."

On the surface, it's snot.

"Like boogers, right?"

To a wigged-out, frustrated and disenchanted blogger (like me) it's all about seizing the moment, to be able to look a little deeper, then commit all of your thoughts and feelings into a few short paragraphs, well, some folks would STILL consider this to be just a silly little story.

"Only Mama can make even folding laundry...look fun!"

I call it sublime poetry.


"You're not going to blog that, are you?"

I just don't sweat the dirty laundry, all that much, anymore.

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