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Natural Remedies for Your Child

Posted Feb 20 2012 6:29am

Natural Remedies for Your Child Particularly in the very early stages of your child’s life, he or she will be incredibly susceptible to a whole range of minor ailments. No matter how hard you try, there’s simply no avoiding them some times. Unfortunately, these ailments can often infringe on those precious moments between mother and child during baby’s first few months.

The very thought of using manmade medicines is off-putting to a lot of parents, and often, the option of using herbal remedies is overlooked. Herbal remedies should never be overlooked – they can cure many common ailments, enhance growth and have a whole host of positive effects on your child’s health.

Here are some herbal remedies that you should seriously consider if your child is affected by some of the most common minor health problems.

Abdominal Discomfort

When your child suffers from any kind of abdominal pain, you will undoubtedly feel just how uncomfortable it makes them. For any parent, this can be quite alarming, but there are several natural remedies that can ease these symptoms.

A great natural remedy that is known to sooth minor abdominal discomfort is ginger root tea. Any feelings of nausea can be extinguished with a few sips, sweetened with a couple of drops of honey.

Alternatively, you could try Slippery Elm. This powdered bark is readily available from most health food stores and a small amount can be added to your child’s drink. This remedy is best known for having an incredibly soothing effect on the entire digestive system.

Bumps and Bruises

Kids of all ages are prone to accidents. It is inevitable that your child will encounter bumps and grazes at some point, and it is worth remembering that there are a number of natural remedies out there to help ease pain and speed up the healing process.

Of course, you should try to limit the amount of hazards that your child is exposed to, yet sometimes there’s just no avoiding these minor accidents.

Lavender and Eucalyptus oils are ideal for reducing swelling and easing pain for injuries in babies over 6 months. A small amount of oil should be rubbed into the area concerned, once in the morning and once at night.


Earache can be extremely uncomfortable for everyone, particularly children. It can cause sleeplessness and irritability, which will often be the cause of a slight infection. Avoid exposing your child to cold air, as this will often heighten the pain. Herbal remedies that are often used to relieve earache include Mullein and Yarrow. Mullein flowers have natural antibacterial properties, and combined with oil, they can be rubbed on the outer ear to fight infection and relieve pain.

Another method is to soak a piece of cotton wool in warm olive oil and rest on the ear. Be sure that the cotton wool cannot drop into the ear. Applying a warm towel to the ear can also be an effective way of relieving pain around the ear.


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