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Nap? We don't need NO stinking NAP!!!!!

Posted May 28 2008 12:00am

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry we have been a little MIA this week. We've been keeping busy around here (more blogs to come) and the kids are going through a bit of a "phase!" That's a nice way of saying... tantrums, fighting, more tantrums, more fighting.. and NO NAPPING! Like all things.. this too shall pass, it just cuts WAY into my "free" time!

I had this great plan this morning...have the carpets cleaned, go to the zoo, feed the ducks... and then come home for dinner (and dry rugs). Well, the carpet guy was late (REALLY LATE), so that changed it all. The kids are currently in their room practicing "quite time" while I sit here and pray that they fall asleep.
I've been in and out of the room no short of 20x's (feels like 100) and the last visit I brought my camera. Check out these shenanigans! One day, they WILL nap again!!!!! At least.. that's what I keep telling myself!

Hope you are all having a great week!

"I LOVE my sister!"

-Libby (no clothes) and Molly

"GIRLS!!! I'm so outta here!"
-Russ (about to jump off the bed)

"Look Mom.. it's just like we learned in gymnastics!"

-4 toddlers (thinking they are pretty clever!)

"Slumber Party! Who's got the pop corn?"

-Ally (ring leader of the day)

"Hey Ma.. like the bruise on my cheek!?"

-Russ (proud of his war wounds!)

"I have no clothes, I have no clothes!"

-B (thinking she's pretty darn funny!)


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